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  • Roch and Iron Gent Bill Bell getting their pre-swim sustenance of Crispy Cremes!

    Heather and Katja getting ready for summers last open water swim w/o.

    It's amazing what a crowd, coffee and doughnuts draws to an early morning swim. It was the last open water swim for this summer - the long sleeve suits should say it all about the ever dropping water temp (kinda like the stock market right now).


    A little of everything.

    Tough to really know where to start. There is nothing we, here at can say or express that isn't already out there. The best we can offer is an update on what is going on out here, that has kept us as close to normal as possible, and let you all know that things are still chugging along, albeit with a heavier heart. So much of what we do is not so much about going the distance, but going 'deeper' into our individual selves to understand whats really there - and there is no doubt that we are all spending significantly more time getting a good hard look.

    Obviously - the Ironman camp scheduled for the weekend of Sept 15 th was cancelled. As far as I understand the event itself will go on.

    Ironman training in the local area is in its usual frenzy. Here are a few titbits from the past couple of weeks.
    -Jurgen Zack is back in town dragging his usual crowd around the Lake Hinshaw loop.
    -He and Spencer Smith are going at each other like the run up to an Ali/Frazier heavyweight bout. Lot's of talking and taunting.
    -Norman Satdler spent about two weeks in the fray before he returned to Germany for his final preparation.
    -Heather spent a week up in Victoria training with Lori (so she says). Seems like they spent more time perusing homes that Peter and Lori were interested in.
    -Lori, reciprocated with 10 days down in San Diego - no-one saw much of them. Probably spent their time baking cookies, with both their infamous 'sweet tooth' afflictions.
    -Katja Shumaker, one of Germany's top Ironman athletes, and very good friend of mine, moved in round the corner from me. So I have had the treat of a couple weeks of German training - ja ja!!
    -Chris Legh has been dragging Hawaii's favorite son Brent Imonen around. They have headed out to the Anza Borrego Desert a couple of times on their bike. Katja and myself joined them for one of the extravaganza's -HOT! HOT! HOT! What a reality check that was!
    -Wendy Ingraham was out motorpacing up the Oceanside bike path, with Steve Hegg driving - and Spencer sitting behind her for his 'easy ride' for the day.
    -Roch ond Paul are manning the Ironman suicide hotline pretty much full time - the calls are coming often.
    -Roch, Paul and myself have forayed into the world of soccer. We now spend every Sunday afternoon doing 'conditioning' sessions with a couple of the local league girls soccer teams (ages 11-14).I think we are finding the jumping, skipping, hopping and sprinting harder than our team, and we now know that under the age of 15 years old - 'accelerate' simply means flat out. Talk about getting dropped in an instant - Jurgen and Spencer aught to get out there. I do beleive they may actually have to keep quiet for a while!

    Stay tuned - we will be bringing you regular updates once again, and look for daily stories from Kona later next week.

    God Bless!