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  • With Julie and JT waiting for our baggage. Beats LAX anyday!

    Jurgen with his latest love, Andrea, after their morning swim.

    With Jan Wanklyn and Lew Friedland. Lew assured me he has no plans on racing - wonder where he would qualify anyway!!

    The trademark hanging out attire!


    Kona update #1 – Fri 28th

    After a fairly long day of travel, Paul, myself and JT arrived in Kona. There was just a short delay, as we hung out and waited for our bags that did not make it on our inter-island flight. No worries though – hanging out at the Keahole airport is not like any other. Take a load of and lay down under a tree in the shade.

    The usual schedule ensued- check in, unpack, short run (everything hurt), quick dinner at the Sibu Café (where we ran into the Canadians (Roch, Heather, Lori and Peter), grocery shop – and pass out! Friday morning was well – hot and windy. After a quick meeting with Sharon and Joe Ackles to hash out some details for our soon to be announced camp in conjunction with the Keahou Half (and yes, we will have entries to go with the camp!) – the day was under way.

    Roch headed out for a grueling 6.5 hour ride to ‘practice’ for the Ultraman which he will be doing in November – I know, we have no idea what he is thinking either. Heather and Lori went out to ride the Kwaihae to Hawi leg of the course. Julie (Kling) and JT rode out to the Waikoloa, as did Wingnut. Peter kept Roch company for a short part of his ride, but couldn’t be persuaded to go the whole way. Chris Legh says he didn’t do anything of note today (must be in secret training).

    Paul and myself headed down to the pier for a swim. There was a fair crowd despite our late start. Kenny Glah was done, and most amazingly we saw Lew Friedland (the illustrious president of WTC) exiting the water after his morning mile swim. Most of all we were thrilled to see that the ‘hang out, no matter what activity you may be doing’ in your speedo is still very much alive and well. I sense great things for next weeks underpants run!

    A late morning run up Alii Drive down to Magic Sands beach, turned out to be more of an obstacle course than anything else. There is no doubt that the traffic situation here in Kona has continued to get worse. It has become an issue in planning workouts – trying to plan to get out at minimum traffic times. On that note – I am off to bed, since I have an early start in the morning with my San Diego training mate Katja Schumaker. It wouldn’t be Hawaii without at least one day of German training..

    Till tomorrow!