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  • Gaby, Katie, Krisanna and Blair - four of the self described fabulous 13 and unders. Actuallly, they are pretty fab!

    This group just oozes trouble. Some of the 11 and under girls/rascals.

    Amazingly enough - this is not the most limber crowd we have seen. They actually rival a group of triathletes with their flexibility.


    Multisports crew ventures into soccer.

    About a month ago Roch, Paul and myself headed out on a Sunday afternoon to tackle the first session of coaching in a totally new arena – girls soccer. We had been asked by a client/friend of Roch’s (Chris Ittner), if we would be interested in doing the conditioning workouts for a girls soccer team. They had been coached the previous year by a Brazilian track coach, who had gone home, and they needed a replacement. The team is the San Diego Surf Soccer Club and is competitive with teams ranging in age from under 8 years old to under 19 years old. These teams travel all over California for tournaments, with the older girls traveling worldwide. The Girls that are working with us are on the U13 and U11 teams.

    Talk about a breath of fresh air, and a TOTAL reminder of what sports was all about when we were 12 years old. Watching these girls play with a ball is marvelous, to see such skill at that age. There is no doubt that they make us feel like very single plane athletes. I am sure we would have wrenched hamstring or abductors is we had to cut and sprint around the field like they do. HOWEVER – when it comes to working on endurance, we were going to have our moment.

    What do we do with them? It an hour mixed up with everything that pertains to single plane running. A mile or so of warmup- on the fields or trails nearby -our latest specialty being a very hilly trail (yes, you’ve guessed it- we are secretly trying to turn them into great cross country runners). Then it is a gamut of drills – high knees, skipping, (both forward and backward), plenty of strides. The key is trying to make them visualize themselves as Marion Jones with beautiful, perfect powerful running form. Then it is on to more endurance work – continuous running with accelerations thrown in. And of course the sit-ups and a little stretching to finish.

    All this is great but it is working with these young athletes that keeps us constantly laughing, with nostalgia.
    -‘How many of these do we have to do?’
    -‘I fell on my hip so I can’t go hard today.’ – But there is no way I am going to get left behind when push comes to shove, hip or not.
    -‘Oh, no – I am last on this run.’
    -‘How much longer do we have.’
    -They simply don’t find Roch and Paul’s humor funny, not matter how many jokes they try and crack.
    -We are lucky if we have 50% of them listening to us when we talk – their have lots to talk about amongst themselves.
    - They all have ponytails – you don’t think Mia Hamm is a role model do you?
    - Worst of all – no matter how much we think we have worked them out, and as tired as they complain they are – the moment workout is over, out comes a ball and they are sprinting around the field playing, You gotta love such pure enthusiasm!

    We may be the coaches, but there is no doubt that we walk away more motivated by them every week.