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  • Chris "Penny" Legh getting pumped before the day!

    Oh yes, it was all smiles at Lava Java - not so out in the winds of Waikoloa, a couple of hours later.

    Wingnut being her usual nutty self with Russel Moore from B&L Bikes.

    The lovely Fernanda Jeller, having a maternal moment with Dylan (Murphy Reinschreiber's heir).

    The gratuitous beefcake!


    Kona Update : Day #2 – 29th September

    The best part about the first few days in Kona, coming from California is the time change. It is a no brainer to be up and going well before 5am, and feeling chipper. The hard part is trying to stay on that schedule – it usually doesn’t work, mainly due to the 8.00pm bedtime necessity to keep it going. One needs some social life.

    Today was the official – one week to go – countdown. It was quite the scene out on the Queen K highway, with many athletes and groups doing a last longer ride. This is what I saw and heard for the day:
    -Katja and myself, got an early start and headed out to Kwaihae and back – the highlight being when we ran into the local Saturday group ride about 10 miles outside of town and they were determined to make us part of their roving pack.
    -We ran into Lisa Bentley at Kwaihae who was doing the loop up to Hawi, with a little run out there to follow.
    -Chris Legh and Brent, hit the bay for a swim and then headed out to Hawi.
    -Whilst on a quick stop to tighten an elbow pad – Jurgen and Norman Sradler (yes Jurgen is on first name status like Madonna, Cher etc) blew by Chris and Brent, and proceeded to ensure that they were not caught on the way out to Kwaihae.
    -Spencer Smith was just leaving town to ride to Kwaihae when Katja and I returned – yes, it takes time to achieve that perfectly groomed couture image.
    -Julie and JT, joined the pier crowd and then hit the obstacle course (that would be Alii Dr) for a run up to the new turn around at White Sands beach.
    -There was no of sign of the Canadians today, so we have to assume that they were in secret training.
    -Beth Zinkand was headed down the highway dragging her boyfriend Neil behind her, with no obvious smile on his face.
    -The day was completed with a barbeque, and sunset from the Legh’s apartment which is in prime heckling location for all that stroll by.
    -Last but certainly not least, Roch and Paul provided the gratuitous beefcake at the pier and ‘did’ a few meetings, about who knows what. It is important that they look like they are busy, I guess.