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  • Things are picking up at the pier!

    It was quite the Iron Girl fashion show at the morning swim.

    Kenny Glah with daugther on his way to swim.

    Since we have started the gratuitous beefcake thing. Here'sa little something for the ladies.......!

    And a little extra from Norman....Ja baby!


    Kona Update #3 – Sunday 30th

    Sunday morning started out yet again clear and windy. The first event of the day was the Safety Lane 10K, that runs from the Pier up Alii Dr and back again. It kicks off at 7.00am. There is an assortment of people, from Ironman athletes putting in a ‘tempo’ workout, to spouses and friends of athletes who are keen to get out and do something. Not to mention the local athletes. The most notable runner was this years consummate Ironman darkhorse Steve Larsen, who finished second in 35 minutes. Not bad since he was out riding the whole bike course just two days ago, in a very pedestrian 5.5 hours. He continues to show great respect for the event, but still exudes a very modest confidence in what might be possible out there on the Queen K Highway. On a side note Huddle also lined up for the run and finished a respectable 7th – in his surf jams of course. He is saving the treat of him in his undies for next Thursday.

    Other goings on for the day:
    -Roch swam for 2 –yes 2 hours to practice for Ultraman. It was tag team out there. He did 40 minutes alone early – then did 50 minutes with Katja and myself – finished of with another 40 minutes with Huddle and Shannon Delaney. Whatever floats his boat I guess.
    -Nicole and Lothar Leder hitthe pier to swim as well this morning. It was also a family swim with Tim, Tony and Nicole De Boom.
    -After yesterdays epic ride – Jurgen and Norman seemed to spend the better part of the day holding court at Lava Java.
    -Lori and Heather headed out to the Natural Energy Lab for a run in the morning and then later Lori joined myself, Roch and Paul for a spin and ‘take photo’ ride.
    -Our girls Julie and JT drove out and did the ride from Kwaihae to Hawi.

    The pier certainly seemed much busier this morning, as many folks rolled into town over the weekend. The new outdoor expo site (which is conveniently right across the road from our apartment), looks to be almost completed. We are just two days away from the first official functions and the full moon.

    Stay tuned!