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  • The traditional konasaurus, weaved its way through the parade.

    Dave 'The Man' - in his parade car that pooped out! Better the car today than him on Saturday!

    With Peter Kropko, this years Ironman Switzerland winner.

    Huddle getting good aloha with some of the local ladies!

    Missy Le Strange and Cherie Gruenfeld had their own chariot.

    Yeah baby! Yeah!


    Kona Update #4– Tues 2nd

    Well the full moon is finally here – and there is nothing quite as spectacular as seeing it rise over Mauna Kea! Kailua Kona is in full swing with the streets, stores and restaurants at full capacity. There is the endless parade of speedo’s going up and down the road, and we can firmly say that there has been at least one sighting of just about all ‘the players’.
    Luc Van Lierde was finally sighted moving at a good clip down Alii Dr in the early hours this morning. The Man – Dave Scott showed at the parade this evening, looking great despite the fact that his parade car had broken down and required a couple of big guys to push it down the route. I spotted Karen Smyers with husband Michael in tow, picking up her race packet.

    Today marked the official opening of the athletes village in a new setting. It is partly outdoors and makes for a much more appealing environment to hang out and see all the products and races being advertised. It was in a full buzz at 8.00pm this evening and I suspect will be pretty swamped over the next two days.

    This evening also marked the parade. This is the first year I have watched rather than participate. Paul, Julie, myself and a few others took up station on the sea wall, armed with camera to see the event. It was certainly much more fun. Lots of stars and stripes were to be seen everywhere. Candy was flying at us from all the cars and floats. The Brazilians were shaking their booties all the way down the road. The Belgian contingent all wore T-shirts with a picture of their hero Luc, emblazoned on the front, reading ‘Cool Hand Luc!’. In fact nationalism was as its very best down this small stretch of road.

    On the preparation side – things are down to the minimum. Everyone is out doing those last easy spins, racing wheels, skin suits and all. The first three buoys of the swim course are getting pretty jammed. The final countdown has truly begun as the moon moves into it’s next phase.