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  • A group of multisports athletes got together with Roch and Paul for some last minute instruction.

    Norman Stadler and Thomas Hellerriegel, strategising about how they are going to keep Steve Laresn from seeing the front of the bike race.

    Strolling the expo - what more incentive is needed for the existence of the underpants run.

    There was a large female contingent this year


    Kona Update #5 – Thursday 4th

    Today featured the biggest event of Ironman week, barring the race itself – the 4th Annual Underpants run. There is no doubt that it was a resounding success. In the days leading to the event – the Ironman office was handling call from people wanting to know the where and when. Tracy Frankel of Sports Ilustrated had gotten to the pier early to get a good spot, to get the perfect shots (I’m thinking they should usurp Rebecca Stamos from the cover of the swimsuit issue and put these guys on), and Denise Dillon from CNN, had her spot and camera at the ready to get the necessary shots for Headline News later today. Not sure exactly what segment this might fall under.

    The run got under way just after 8.00am, from Pacific Vibrations, did a loop of the King Kam entrance, a right onto the pier – with a brief stop to pose for the very, very appreciative crowds, and then down Alii drive past Lava Java, and back again. There was a record turnout and biggest collection of donations for the local charity. Duafold, provided complimentary underwear for those who didn’t have any, and Mrs’s T’s the pierogy hats. I believe that in years to come, folks will be flying over to just take part in this event.

    Other news is that the morning swim is starting to look like the I5 freeway at rush hour. The only way to get a decent swim is to find a big guy and sit right behind him, as he negotiates through swimmers coming and going in every direction. Today is the last day for gear hand in – time to kiss goodbye to your bike shoes, running shoes, hats, helmets, race numbers etc etc. Next time we see them its for the main attraction. The age group field had their pre-race meeting, and Charlie Crawford, did his most intimidating no drafting spiel.

    At the athlete village – Sauconny held a panel, press conference with all their athletes. In attendance was, Heather, Joanna Zeiger, Nina Kraft, Lisa Bentley, Dave Scott, Luc Van Lierde, Jurgen Zack. Most notable comments came from Luc who refused to discuss or give any explanations for his last minute withdrawal from the race last year. He is apparently fighting a nagging nee injury at present (although from our sightings he was moving pretty quick when we saw him run).

    Dave talked about the challenges of having a ‘real life’ and day to day commitments, as opposed to Jurgen whom he says has decisions like how much pressure to put in his tires for his ride – dominating his daily concerns. Jurgen in his good natured way, invited Dave to ride with him on race day for a nice ‘coffee ride’ . Dave responded that would be a pleasure, since once they got off the bikes he would promptly drop Jurgen. It was very entertaining to hear some good old fashioned ‘smack talk’.

    The latest Steve Larsen update, is that he continues to feel relaxed and is looking forward to racing. He will be riding a 700Cwheel Lotus frame, with Lew, Sydney wheels and a dinner plate of a 56 inch front chain ring. I am just hoping that I get out of the water in front of him, so I came witness in person the, flash as he goes by.

    Till later!