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  • Huddle getting the crew organised!

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    Oh yeas, Mike Riley the voice of the Ironman like you've never seen him!

    With Dave Scott discussing the worst that can happen... in his world anyway!

    Bob Babbitt giving was the greatest speeches I have heard to date. The 2001 Ironman Hall of Fame inductee. Congrats Bob!


    Kona update #7 – still Thursday 4th

    Kona update #7 – still Thursday 4th

    The underwear run this morning only took up about half an hour of the day – there was still lots to be done and lots going on. Just after lunch time it was the professional pre race meeting. I am convinced that making through this meeting makes the race seems easy. We were all packed into a room with to little seating and the meeting lasted almost an hour and a half. The race organization went over everything from the swim course, to the changes in the bike and run ANDof course the mandatory scare tactics from Charlie Crawford on the drafting issue.

    After about an hour, it resembled a third grade schoolroom with athletes squirming, talking amongst themselves, going to the bathroom and all the other short attention span antics. I am still trying to decide after all this time if they are purposely tormenting us, or if they are actually doing a good job.

    The actual process of turning in gear only took but 2 minutes. Then it was of to a quick photo shoot with the folks from Griffen bikes. Standing next to Dave Scott, he said the words that most of us are feeling at this point: “Paula – what are we doing?…and I don’t mean this photo shoot!” He them proceeded to outline what the worst that could happen to him was – a 55 swim, a 4.45 bike or there abouts, and then without question a sub 3 hour run. Yeah Dave – if only that was the worst that could happen – I know all but a handful would be dancing naked on the tables and swinging from the chandeliers with the worst!!!

    This evening was the carbo load party. It is not usually an event we attend, but it was a special evening for our friend Bob Babbitt who was the inductee into the 2001 Ironman Hall of Fame. The whole program was very nicely orchestrated, and Bob’s speech was one the best I have ever heard. He told the story of his first Ironman back in 1980 – everyone was rolling around in laughter. He so succinctly showed us how far we have come - and so much is through his love and devotion to this lifestyle which began back at that first Ironman. He has in so many ways given all of us the platform to shine. Thank goodness there is no sign of him slowing down any time soon.

    The other highlight of the awards was a five minute video of all the ESPN outtakes of Greg Welch. It was priceless. For someone who makes us laugh just looking at him – this was almost unbearable. The best being one particular take he was trying to do in Austria, whilst trying to describe Jurgens cycling prowess. He simply couldn’t get it right.

    So for just a couple of days out – it was a pretty eventful day, and best of all there was lots to smile about. Just as well – we may not be smiling quite as much come Saturday.