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  • Ever wonder what it looks like to get dropped by Paula Newby-Fraser? Here's a good representation as she and Katja Schumacher ride away and leave me for dead on the way to Hawi.

    When you've been to camp as many times as this guy has, you're bound to end up on the "News" page. Gary Holmes was everywhere race week.

    The name Shiromoto might not mean anything to you but this guy might as well be Scott Tinley in Japan. Karen Smyers husband, Mike King doesn't look happy as he waits behind the dominant Japanese triathlete to get numbered.

    It's good to see old friends. Kenny Souza gives Paula a good luck hug before the start as our favoriet Time rep, Kurt Stockton looks on.

    Mitsuhiro "Mickey" Yamamoto and I raced A LOT together back in the olden days. Now I'm a vagabond "coach" and he's the race director for Ironman Japan! Anybody need an entry?

    Thomas Miller looks just a little too happy that he's not racing this year. Thomas, it's an expo. Relax.


    Kona Photos - what? More?

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