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  • It's was Tim's night to shine!

    Lori must be wondering what it takes to get out of Natascha's shadow!

    There is always the German race within the race - this is what it looked like this year: Thomas, Norman and Lothar.

    Over the hill - what hill! We don't see any hills around. The 'old girls' club - myself, Karen, Fernanda and Wendy.

    Speaking of 'old girls' - the 45-49 womens age group winners won the style award hands down. They know not to go anywhere without the little black dress!

    Peter may not have finished the race, but he was up for celebrating anyway. I think Roch had just told him he was off training for a couple of months.

    Steve Larsen checking the spot on the stage he plans to be standing next year! Move over Tim!


    Ironman wrapup.

    It is almost two weeks since the 2001 Ironman. How quickly time flies, and things keep rolling along. The award banquet was wonderful, with a lot of inspirational performances to cheer for. Natascha was her usual wonderfully free spirited self, and Tim De Boom represented all that was solid about hard work and having faith in himself. The post banquet party is always a great time to see everyone. It is one of the few times the athletes can get together and really let it flow - no racing, competitiveness and tension restraining the interactions. Even Peter Reid was there with a big SMILE - yes a smile on his face and downing a few. We won't mention which bush he was last seen bending over. You get the idea!

    It always amazes me that once one steps off the island, how fast one comes down to earth. Even more so this year with the strange sight of security with automatic weapons at the Honolulu airport. With the typical Hawaiin music playing - at least they should have put some leis around their necks, to give it more of that Hawaii 5 O feel. Then of course there is always the HUGE pile of mail (translate- bills) when you walk through the door. I guess, somehow you feel as if the world should have stopped with you, whilst you were away. Silly me!

    Nonetheless - we all hit the ground running within 48 hours of the clock stopping on Alii Drive. Paul took off directly to China to take over the coaching of Team Mild Seven in Dali. He will remain there through the conclusion of their preparation and then be working with the TV crew shooting the event Nov 1-4. If we get lucky he may send us a report. I do know that he set his first ever ropes for a rappel practice off the hotel. They made him go down first, to show faith in his figure eight knots.

    Roch is back briefly to answer mail and messages before he and Heather set off for China where they will both be working the event. Then it's on to Thailand for the Laguna Phuket Triathlon. Home for 2 weeks and then Roch is back to the Big Island for Ultraman. No - I don't know what they are thinking either. However, Roch is certainly benefiting from the attrition rate in the Ironman. He thought that he would be the only one out doing long training now, and he was dreading those long rides alone. Not so - he is not at all short of training partners. All the pro's now gearing up for Ironman Florida, are out in full force. Joanna Zeiger rolled into town and headed out for 6 hours with Roch last weekend, and this week his group includes Katja Schumaker. Spencer Smith has been seen out pounding the roads and trails, as he focuses in on getting a solid day under his belt. No-one wants to end the year on a down note - but we all know that the reality is, that it never ends!