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  • The proud parents-to-be!

    Mickey Morrera shows that you don't have to be 8 months pregnant to have an impressive girth.

    Roch, Duke and Heather - Roch was first in the food line since he rolled in right after his 6 hour bike ride!

    Mr Oakley -Larry and super photographer Robert Oliver!

    I am a little afraid that Greg may be the one using many of the gifts before baby Welchy gets here.


    Baby Welchy's shower!

    It's a Saturday afternoon, in Southern California. Not much going on triathlon wise - except Roch's exhausting Ultrman training. So what better than a get together to watch the Yankees get a solid beating, and celebrate the impending arrival of baby Welchy.

    Greg and Sian made the trip down from Los Angeles, their home of the moment, to get together with the usual San Diego crowd. It was a great turnout. The best was that the invitation has specifically read - lets get together, and please no gifts. RIGHT!

    After watching one package after another get opened - I had to wonder what our founding mothers did with regard to feeding, bathing, walking and entertaining their babies. The highlight for me personally was the feeding contraption. This strap around circle that allows one to walk around with the baby supported and feed at the same time, and have a hand free. To to top it all off there is a convenient pouch to tuck the phone into as well. Don't want to be missing any calls.

    All this aside, it is a very exciting prospect to think about the off spring that Greg and Sian Welch will produce. No to mention that Greg will inevitably be the most entertaining father any child could hope for. The big day for baby 'plucky' is projected for November 18th!
    Can't wait!