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  • Roch and Heather at the Banyan Tree

    Roch waiting for the shuttle boat

    Heather's new elephant friend

    Murphy Reinschreiber, Belinda Granger, Joanne King and Norman Stadler at the post race party

    We know the Aussies' are good swimmers, but on the floor???


    Adventure Part Deux - Thailand

    Part two of our 3 week adventure was a trip to Laguna Phuket, Thailand for the Thai Airways Laguna Phuket Triathlon on November 10, 2001. We went straight from China to Thailand where we were treated like Kings.

    It is always a bit hard to do a race at the end of the season after Hawaii for most of us we are ready to be done training when Hawaii is over. This race in Laguna Phuket is always the exception to the rule if given the chance to go most often the answer is a definitive yes. It is quite a sacrifice that we have to make being put up at the Banyan Tree in our own Pool Villa but you know someone has to do it.

    We were able to get to the resort on the Monday so that meant that we had 5 days before race day to enjoy the great amenities of the resort. We spent most of our time just relaxing by the pool and then fitting in some last minute training to make sure that I could actually do the race. I was lucky enough to get a free day at the spa. The TV crew needed someone to go to one of the newly opened spas so that they could film it. I got the full treatment from the body scrub to the massage quite a nice treat.

    Race day came and all the clouds that we had been having the previous days disappeared it was going to be a hot day!!! The climate is very similar to Hawaii hot and humid and race day did not disappoint. The race starts with a 1.8km swim which is 1500m in the ocean and then a short run to finish the final 300m in a lagoon. This is a really hard transition from the buoyant salt water to the lagoon water just what I needed, to feel even worse in the water. We then headed out onto a 55km bike which has some killer hills in the first 15-20km. By the time the flats come in the later parts, the legs are toast. Finally was the 12km run which is flat but was very hot. Considering the amount of training that I had done since Hawaii, I was happy with my race but even happier to cross the finish line. Now it is time to go home and take a break from training for a while.

    The Final Race Results were:
    1. Courtney Atkinson 2:30:37
    2. Miles Stewart 2:34:20
    3. Norman Stadler 2:35:37
    4. Craig Walton 2:44:04
    5. Justin Granger 2:49:24

    1. Joanne King 2:51:26
    2. Belinda Granger 2:58:23
    3. Heather Fuhr 3:00:10
    4. Jessica Harrison 3:01:16
    5. Robyn Roocke 3:03:08