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  • Show hosts Bob Babbit and Paul Huddle, along with engineer Brian are loving their new 'studio'.

    Michellie, Paula and Josh. There was a fair share of trash talking going on.

    Josh Cox and Malena Glusac. Malena just ran a 2.34 for her first marathon in New York.

    Michellie brought along her friends for the evening entertainment.


    'The Competitors'

    Xtra Sports 690 is the premier sports radio station in America. All over the country folks tune in all day long to listen and obsess about their favorite teams, players and anything to do with Americas favorite pastimes. The likes of Jim Rome have become household names and national TV hosts from their syndicated sports radio shows. In the somewhat off peak hours, non-mainstream sports like fishing, horse racing etc have found an outlet for their devoted followers. Similarly, for the past 8 years plus, the only endurance show in the country has been founded and hosted by Bob Babbitt, with Paul Huddle as his co-host, for the past few years.

    'The Competitors', has its weekly slot on Sunday evenings from 9.00pm to 10.00pm, San Diego time. For listeners across the country who want to tune in, the show is accessible online. Until this past weekend, the show has been broadcast from the Xtra 690 studios down in San Diego. This Sunday, however, the show has found a new 'studio' in downtown Leucadia (North county of San Diego, and ground zero for the triathlon community), at a local restaurant - Big Jim's Bar-B-Q. Big Jim's specializes in fabulous ribs, burgers and of course beer. What could be better than to finish out the weekend with an evening of good food and a fun radio show?

    The change in venue to North County now enables a 'studio audience' - if you call a crowd of half drunk, rib eating athletes a studio audience. This first weekend drew quite a crowd from the local athletes and fans, and would appear to be setting the stage for a very social weekly gathering. It certainly did not hurt that Bob had assembled a good group of 'in-studio' guests for his first Big Jim's show, plus the support/sponsorship of Pyramid breweries to provide free beer. Michellie Jones, Paula Newby-Fraser, Josh Cox, and Malena Glusac were on hand to provide endless banter and barbs across the various topics of Olympic triathloning, marathoning and Ironman racing. Josh Cox certainly came off as the biggest victim of the evening, as the only male among three women. But as Americas big hope for marathoning, with the whole package of talent, good looks and excellent speaking abilities he handled himself very well, despite comments like -'I have learnt to listen to my body. If I go out the door and all I can manage is a 7 minute mile pace, I just call it quits', and - '130 miles a week is my easy down time mileage.' It's good to be 26 years old, cute and fast.

    The Competitors show over the years has hosted the full gamut of guests in the multipsorts world. From legendary runners like, Frank Shorter, Billy Mills, Suzy Favor to top athletes in mountain biking, adventure racing, swimming, cycling and of course just about every name imaginable in triathlon. Lance Armstrong, Ned Overend, Lenny Krazelberg, Alberto Salazaar, Pat Porter, John Walker, Bob Seagren, Eamon Coglin, Robyn Bennencasa are just a sampling of guests that are on air, 'any given Sunday evening'. Next weekend, premiere cyclist Trent Klasna will be 'in studio' to celebrate his birthday and talk cycling. So there will be cake along with the ribs and beer.

    With Bob and Paul as the always-humorous hosts, the multisports world has a wonderful forum to showcase its events and athletes. Is there a TV show in their future??