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  • Murphy, Dave Jewell and Huddle after the run. Murphy cut the course, Jewell marked it, and Huddle was one of the few who did the whole thing.

    Murphy Reinschreiber and Shannon enjoying their seats in the Quaker Oats luxury suite at the Raider, Charger game.

    Off course we had the 'Raider fan' sitting right in front of us. We kept our composure and didn't start throwing beer and peanuts at him.

    I am the most ardent Charger fan. They have really sucked the past couple of years, but hope is a strong pill.


    It’s the holiday season in San Diego

    This past weekend saw the return of the Super Dave trails runs. Dave Jewell is the chief cheese for Road Runner Sports shoe division. He is the man everyone has to get through in order to get their shoes into the mega catalog. He puts on a series of trails run/races around San Diego County, just because. In his own words:
    What is a Super Dave Adventure Run: It's a trail run like no trail run you've ever done before.
    When is the first one: Saturday December 15, 2001
    What Time: 8:00a.m.
    How Far: 1+ hours. That's one hour for fast runners and + for those who aren't so fast.
    What to bring: trail shoes if you've got them and a friend to run with.
    Entry fee: $0
    Post run refreshments provided.
    Why: Because you like adventure, because running on the road is becoming boring, because you have nothing better to do on a Saturday, to impress that special someone that is also doing this run or simply to say you did it.

    This first run had a super turn out. All the usual faces. Since Dave has just come back from helping out on the Mild Seven Outdoor Quest, he was certainly very motivated to set a course that was not for the faint. HOWEVER, I am not sure anyone did the same course. There were certainly only about 4 guys who did the whole thing. The trail marking required a sharp eye, and in my own anaflactic state, I definitely missed one whole section. I only figured that out when 30 minutes into the run, myself and a couple of friends were suddenly in front of the fast guys. I think it was the part where we scrambled up a hill and found ourselves slap bang in the middle divider of a big freeway. Time to turn around and scramble back! None the less, fun was had by all, and all the elements of a good adventure race were there – steep up, sharp downs, bouldering down the middle of a river, crawling along underpasses, and so on.

    We are waiting very anxiously for the next run – usually comes around every 3-4 weeks. This is what we entertain ourselves with as a ‘winter’ workout in SD.

    After the morning run it was, off to the stadium for the biggest home game of the Chargers season. The rivalry with the Oakland Raiders. The Raider fans of course did not dissappoint. Not quite the 154 that where arrested last year, but there where still quite a few getting dragged out of the stadium for the behavior that has made them the most ‘ominous’ fans in the NFL. It was our great hope “the midget’ Doug Flutie that did dissapoint in a big way. Two interceptions from the 2 yard line. What was he doing passing the ball from 2 yards out - TWICE – Norv Turner was not the offensive wizard he is cracked up to be on this day. Thank goodness we got to see the Lakers play in the NBA finals, because the Chargers won’t be going anywhere near the Super Bowl any time soon.

    So ends a solid off season Saturday in SD. No we haven’t been to the shopping mall, and have no plans on going either. Can you say, and Starbucks gift cards!!!