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    They call him JR superstar at the Xterra (Team Unlimited) organisation. We'll hold our verdict on that for a while.

  joins forces with Xterra North America.

    For the 2002 season, we at Multisports.come have joined forces with Xterra to become their exclusive, camp, clinic and training program partner. This whole new direction is being spearheaded by triathlon icon and Xterra superstar Jimmy Riccitello. Jimmy has worked with us here at some of our camps as an instructor over the years. Now that he is starting to cut back on his racing schedule, (as well as become a father, in March 2002) he has decided to put his energies into developing other areas of his passion.

    Jimmy has recently joined the staff of, as a personal coach. He has also been hired by the University of Arizona to coach their triathlon team. His chief focus for 2002 is the staging of pre–race clinics at 4 of the bigger Xterra events around the country (Lake Tahoe, Virginia, Half Moon Bay and Keystone). He will be running a seminar on the Friday evening , and a morning of easy workouts and skills lessons the morning before the event. Each clinic will be geared around that specific event, and all the nuances that make the course unique, along with some basic information.

    He will be hosting a full scale 4 day camp, along with the other multisports staff, in Maui during the week prior to the championship race. This camp will be run in a very similar fashion to all the other multisports camps, with a comprehensive lecture and preparation schedule.

    In addition Jimmy will be producing an 8 week Xterra training program. This program will be a detailed schedule to get an athlete ready to compete in any off road triathlon. The schedule is geared to get the right balance of training to optimize off road training and fitness. There will be detailed information on all aspects of the sport and training, from heart rate training, nutrition, off road skills and mental preparation. For those who want more interaction, he will be adding the program with the feature of an online ‘Ask the Coach’, where he can directly address any issues you may have during your training.

    Stay tuned to our website for information on the camp and clinics, as well as the training program. It will all be ready to rock and roll by the New Year. In the meantime you can read about Jimmy on his new page: