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  • Paul and Subway marketing icon Jarod.

    With the Koala Crew at the expo.

    This gentleman was being touted as 'The World's Strongest Man'- I think I am shaping up okay, height wise anyway.

    After a couple of laps around Memorial Park, with some of the Houston Tri Club members.


    Weekend in Houston.

    It is the start of a new year, and so the beginnings of this years adventures in multisports. This past weekend our crew divided between a couple of marquis running events. In San Diego, Roch and Heather held down the fort and toed the line at the San Diego marathon and half marathon.. Paul and myself headed off to Teaxs to be part of the activities of the Compaq Houston marathon, and half marathon.

    We were the guests of the Koala Health and Wellness center, run by the vision and commitment of Dr Kieke. He and his staff support athletes from so many arenas, ranging from running to boxing to college baseball and everything in between. It is truly a case of everyone getting along.

    It was certainly an action packed weekend, which saw us out running with many of the Houston tri club members at ground zero in the city – Memorial Park. Then there seemed to be a non-stop line up of carbo dinners. The Subway race expo was quite a big affair, with the highlight being Huddle sharing the subway challenge with none other than Jarod himself.

    It was great to see so many old friends and meet a whole crew of new ones. The marathon was blessed with great weather for the first time in as many years. This marathon had been renowned as the ‘ice marathon’ with all sorts of freak weather arriving on race morning. Likewise in San Diego – it was a great day for running all round – marathon or half.

    And so the year has started , and between Roch, Heather, Paul and myself we will be pretty much spanning the globe, or at least the country. This week we are teaming up for the first camp in Manassas Virginia for the weekend. Hopefully our good weather karma will follow.