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  • The group in Virginia being good students and doing their drills

    Heather modeling the most coveted camper awards prize

    The lucky winner of one of Spencer Smith's racing suits - someone should have told HUNT that he had it on backwards!

    Looking good, nice band-aid HUDDLE!!

    Mike Brady getting a jump on the competition during transition practice

    Being speedy in the transition

    Kevin Marchetti or "Junior" crossing the finish line in the world transition practice games

    This camp stuff is hard work!!!

  Camp Season Has Begun

    The training camp season is now rolling full steam ahead. Now that we are heading into March we thought it was time that we updated you on the training camps that have taken place over the past couple of months.

    Manassas, Virginia was the first stop on the Camp Tour. Roch, Paul, Paula and Heather headed to Manassas for a weekend training camp, taking place on January 25-27, 2002. We were all a little worried about the weather as we headed east, being from Southern California you get a bit spoiled with the weather. As is turned out I think we took the great weather with us – there were unseasonably warm daytime highs running into the upper 60’s (we will at least claim credit for the weather anyway). We had a great turnout for the camp and the facilities at the Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center were just incredible. A special thank-you to Leslie for giving us the free run of the facilities.

    Next on the Camp Tour was the first of three San Diego camps, which took place on February 6-10th, 2002. The regular local group of talent was assembled and we were also honored to have the 2001 Ironman Champion Tim DeBoom as part of the staff.
    One highlight of this particular camp was the chance for the athletes to attend the Endurance Sports Awards Banquet, which is hosted my Competitor Magazine, in La Jolla, CA.

    Lake San Antonio was the location for the Wildflower Camp, which was held on February 15-18th, 2002. teamed up with Tri-California to provide a training camp for those athletes interested in training on the course and gaining some experience from those of us that have raced this particular race many times. So, once again, Roch, Paul, Heather and Paula headed north to take on the frigid waters of Lake San Antonio. I don’t think that any of us were prepared for the 50 degree water that greeted us upon arrival. All the participants should have been given a medal for swimming in such freezing water. We were really lucky during the weekend in that we dodged the rain that seemed to be falling everywhere else. Well, I should say we almost dodged it. The only rain was Sunday morning, which caused a delay in the running of the course. Finally by 11am the rain stopped and the athletes headed out to run the very “scenic” run course at Wildflower. Needless to say, there was some extra weight training going on – most people’s shoes weighed 10lbs each for the majority of the run!! The weekend was an overwhelming success and we hope that this camp will become a permanent fixture on the Camp Tour.

    Well, that is a short synopsis on the training camps that have taken place so far this year, look for more updates as the camps continue.