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  • Mark Folger rides over to "the hill" aboard his brand new Trek for climbing technique with cycling master, John Howard.

    Michelle Schwartz demonstrates perfect cornering form while Mark Armendariz follows - Get the inside pedal up!

    Paula and John Duke are all smiles before heading out for the skills and climbing technique ride - maybe they know something the campers don't. Hmmmmm.

    Andy Zimmerman waits for his start signal while John Duke offers a look at his tonsils. Hey Duke, we aren't boring you are we?

    Camp alumnus, Liz Richardson, runs for the finish during transition practice. Thought you were done with "basic training"? Not quite!

    Debbie Eubanks and Paula are caught by surprise at another incredible dinner catered by Ki's. Yummy!

    Another group of happy campers!

  Hosts Weekend Technical Camp

    The March 8-10 technical camp was a break from the usual 5-day camp we hold at this time of year. In order to meet the needs of local athletes who couldn't take 5-days away from work and family responsibilities, the weekend camp offered the same comprehensive curriculum (lectures, video analysis, training with the best athletes in the sport, fun and games, etc.) as a 5-day camp but packed it all into a busy weekend.

    Highlights included the bike fit at B&L Bike and Sport (not to mention way too much shopping), a swim video and drill session at an out door pool in the sunshine with swim expert, Roch "Coach Roach" Frey, a cycling skills and climbing clinic with cycling legend, John Howard, a track workout and transition practice with 34-time (combined) Ironman Champions Heather Fuhr and Paula Newby-Fraser, and, of course, a spectacular weekend of San Diego weather.

    The list of campers was as varied as ever with athletes coming in from all over the U.S. and Canada. Raffael Bevilacqua was teaching Coach Huddle plenty of new obscenities in Italian while generally attracting the most verbal abuse from Paula and the rest of the staff - nothing like a boisterous New Yorker to get your dander up. We had veterans of the early to mid '80s who had been away from the sport for 10-years (Mark Folger) and complete new comers who had completed one, two, or even NO triathlon events. Camp alumni were represented by Ironman California finisher, Liz Richardson, who brought a new victim along for the fun & games - well Shelley, coming back for another one?

    By the Sunday, everyone had a whole new triathlon family to look forward to seeing at the races this year and a brain full of information to take home and apply to their life/triathlon schedules. We'll look forward to seeing our new extended family at the races!