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  • On the run

    Ryan Bolton - Bike to run transition

    THe Official Spectators - Lori, Kendra and Homer

    Jackie Hatherly (first off the bike), and hubby Chris Gdanski

    Heather with Matt Damon and brother Kyle

    Roch and Huddle with Matt Damon

    Roch and Huddle with Goalie Mike Richter


    Lake Placid Ironman 2002

    Heather's Ironman Lake Placid Report – July 28, 2002

    The Ironman Lake Placid race is over for another year. The race day came with bright sunny skies and calm winds. Throughout the day, the weather ran the gamut with sun, rain, and lightning. Luckily the air temperature during the rain was warm enough that people didn’t get cold on the bike. Overall, the race went well for me as I had a good steady day in all disciplines.

    But onto more important things. The highlights of the day included meeting Matt Damon – who was here supporting his brother. Because Huddle and Roch are on the brink of a very promising movie career – they were doing some schmoozing to get some good contact for their breakthrough movie.

    The other highlight was meeting the goalie from the New York Rangers –Mike Richter. He spends time here in the summer and so was out watching the race. You can definitely tell that we are in a winter town – the young boys were lined up to get his autograph. It was cool to see how interested and amazed both he and Matt Damon were with the whole Ironman experience.

    The only bad part of the day was that I had planned my post race meal for weeks – Popcorn chicken from KFC – unfortunately the booming metropolis of Lake Placid doesn’t have a KFC. Oh well – I guess I am going to have to get my fill somewhere else.


    1. Heather Fuhr (Can), 9:43:02
    2. Joanna Lawn (NZ), 9:57:38
    3. Jackie Hatherly (Can), 10:11:37 ( 1ST AGE GROUP)
    4. Karen Holloway (USA), 10:12:35
    5. Amy Farrell (USA), 10:18:29.

    1.Ryan Bolton (USA), 8:39:19
    2. Kirill Litovtsenko (Ukr), 8:53:50
    3. Shingo Tani (Jap), 9:01:46
    4. Eduardo Sturla (Arg), 9:11:30
    5. Jamey Yon (USA), 9:14:42.