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  • This is just what you do NOT want to see cruising the aisles of your local grocery store.

    Hey buddy – you sure you didn’t forget something? Huddle checks out at Tops Supermarket.

    All ready to go - Huddle "suits up". Good thing he’s wearing a helmet.

    The race is about to be run. Coach Borzilleri keeps a foot on Roch’s sled to ensure the Canadian isn’t tempted to jump the gun.

    Things heat up prior to the start.

    And they’re off! Roch takes an early lead but Huddle’s aerodynamic uniform proves a superior at high speeds.

    Roch steps up to the plate and gets fitted for his attempt at aerials. Nothing like signing six different waivers to get your confidence up.

    Roch executes a perfect launch off the end of the aerial jump – sans “kicker” (the near vertical ramp at the end) – nothing but courage and steely resolve!

    Roch’s face shows the focus and concentration to execute an aerial.

    If you ever get to Lake Placid, be sure to head out to the ski jumps but leave your speedo at home.


    The Making of a Video Classic – Triathlon Dos and Don’ts

    With the onslaught of first time Ironman athletes comes exponentially increasing possibilities for tri-geek faux pas. To nip this problem in the bud, coaches Roch Frey and Paul Huddle got together with Ironman video and television producer, Greg McFadden, to produce a short video on some of the mistakes to avoid during the week leading up to an Ironman race day. It was long over due but finally came to fruition this year in Lake Placid.

    What might some of these mistakes be? Perhaps the most feared nightmare for any local community saddled with an Ironman event is the site of an athlete cruising town (restaurants, stores, libraries, etc.) in their Speedo swimsuit. There’s nothing quite like the sight of some hairless male walking around in his underpants. Other infractions include but are not limited to:
    - Riding two (or three or four) abreast oblivious to the 20-cars stacked up behind with each occupant becoming more and more exasperated and less tolerant of triathletes invading their lives.
    - Seeing only the swim, bike and run course in a locale that offers Olympic venues, beaches, natural and historical attractions, restaurants, etc. etc. because you have a “big race”.
    - Drinking more water than a Saharan nation in the final days leading up to the event.
    - Doing way too much training in the last week.
    The list could go on and on but there was only so much time and tape available.

    Lake Placid offered some perfect locations to demonstrate these lessons. First we went to Tops Supermarket to let Huddle stroll around in his Speedo and pick up some groceries – very popular with the locals. Next it was on to the Olympic Training Centers summer aerials ski jumping pool and roller luge runs. With the help of P.J. Rabice and “coach” Greg Borzilleri, the coaches got to experience some winter Olympic sports that they’d only ever dreamed of trying. Then it was back on the bike to take up more space than necessary on the road and generally piss off the locals. The day wouldn’t be complete without a run down the middle of Riverside Drive (part of the run course) . . . in a swim suit.

    If you happen to get to another Ironman North America Ironman event in the coming year, you might just get a look at this master piece – until then, you’ll have to live with the pictures here.