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  • The local contingent was strong. Perhaps no local is as recognizable as the “mayor” of Lake Placid, Greg Borzilleri. Hey Greg, where’s your bottles for your bike? Doh! You’ve got time – get home and get them.

    Curtis Girod (left) and Mike Zafirovski head to the start of the swim. Both athletes were part of the CEO Challenge. Curt had very limited experience and, honestly, coaches Roch and Huddle were worried about his ability to finish the swim. Mike had been promoted to president of Motorola two days prior to the race – no pressure there – YIKES! Both finished – Mike in 13:37:16 and Curt in 16:28:55.

    Mike King, husband of Karen Smyers would be racing on his birthday. His 50th birthday that is! We should all look so good at the age of 50 – even daughter Jenna thinks he’s doing pretty good! Mike would end up with a

    Another local, P.J. Rabice (aka: “Cutter”) gives us the body builder’s pose known as “the crab” before heading down to the swim. Too bad he had the fleece top on but it was probably better as the race organizers didn’t need a mob of women in the transition area at that time of the day.

    Tom Ziebart?!! The man who makes sure you have your Gatorade at just about every race you can think of decides to take the plunge himself. Looking svelte and ready to go on race morning. Tom sang the national anthem at the carbo dinner – talk about multi-talented!

    Where’s my special needs bags? Kenny Glah looks a little frazzled as he searches the crowd for wife Jan Wanklyn and daughter Rhiannon. Kenny had a tough day as he met up with the back of a van than inadvertently found its way on to the bike course in Wilmington. A long time veteran of the sport, Kenny will surely be back in Hawaii.

    It’s always fun to see all of our On-line Program participants but this one was special. Larry Smith, pictured here with his wife and Roch, was our very first On-line program subscriber on the Year Round Program and, this year, stepped up to the Ironman distance and went 11:43:57 – GREAT RACE LARRY!

    Ironman USA Training Program participants John Culberson and Chip Griffen flank Jackie Hatherly. Jackie became the story of the day as the local Lake Placid resident would go on to lead the race all day long until 7-miles into the run when two time champion, Heather Fuhr would pass her for her third Ironman USA win! Jackie held on to third place in 10:11:37 – great time! John would end up in a solid 12:02:11 and Chip would come in soon after in 12: 38:12.

    He’s not just a coach and fretting husband on race morning. Roch Frey doing the live color commentary for the local television coverage – nice pony tail!

    What must it be like on race morning for the winner? Just like it is for everyone else. Heather gives the camera the “let’s get on with it” look as she gets ready to leave the house on race day.


    Ironman USA 2002 – Pre-Race Images

    It’s always fun to walk around the transition area and swim start to see all of the faces – especially when you’re not racing. Here are some of the faces we saw on the morning of July 28th.

    Race day would bring just about every weather condition possible – wind, rain, cold, heat, humidity, etc. As is always the case in an Ironman event, conditions dictate the time you’re able to achieve. athletes seemed to fare well with some qualifying for the big one in Kona while others finished and met their own personal goals. We’ll be posting everyone’s finish time in the coming days.