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  • When was the last time you saw a bunch of corporate CEO’s flexing their muscles in the same room? was the official training program for Ted Kennedy’s brain child, the CEO Challenge, and, in 2002, had a 100% finish rate among this group of disciplined and motivated individuals. We’d like to take the credit for this perfect finishing record but these men and women didn’t get where they are solely based on help from others. Congratulations CEOs!

    Speaking of CEO’s . . . Huddle shares a laugh with top Hawaiian triathlete and Blue Diamond Almond representative, Brent Imonen at his booth. Blue Diamond is one of the many sponsors that make the Ironman North America Events happen and, in this case, were the sponsors of the Ironman USA swim course. Almonds anyone?

    Ironman course guru Tom Guthrie sports his NASCAR hat as he goes through the final days of preparation for the big event. If you think doing an Ironman is difficult, try organizing and putting one of these things on. Perhaps the biggest eye opener for Roch and Huddle in the last three years has been their involvement with the execution of a number of Ironman North America events and all of the hard work that goes into them. Both of the coaches agree that while doing an Ironman is HARD, organizing an Ironman is at least as hard.

    It's not all lying around on the couch watch the Young and the Restless in the last week before Ironman. Eventual winner, Heather Fuhr signs autographs at the Aquasphere / Seal Mask booth.

    Someone PLEASE! Get this man a cup of coffee!! Huddle is caught upon waking without . . . a jacket. Way to improvise with the Turkish towel!

    Where can you get the best wetsuit and see the best looking man in the northern hemisphere? That’s right, at the Ironman Wetsuit booth. Kieth Simmons, president of Ironman Wetsuits, gives the camera his “how can I help you” look while Jake, his chocolate lab in the lower right of the picture finds another adoring fan.

    Randy Cadell prepares to head out on the bike. If you know how tough the Ironman USA bike course is, it might humble you to imagine getting through this course under the power of your ARMS!!! Randy Cadell, did exactly that as he powered to a 12:51:14 over all finish time on a very tough course. By the way, his bike split on a hand cycle was 8:55:44 - that means he did the marathon in 2:37:48 in his wheelchair! Congratulations Randy!

    Leslie Myers runs through the swim to bike transition area on her way to winning the CEO Challenge in 12:04:54 over Wendy Larimore who wasn’t far behind in 12:49:53 – interestingly enough, both women finished 20th in their respective age-groups! Both of the female CEO Challenge participants were camp alumni and both had great races!

    One of these things doesn’t belong with the other . . . Huddle poses with two Olympic ski jumpers after their demonstration for the various Ironman VIP’s (so what were Huddle and Roch doing there?). These guys practice all year long and, on this evening, were braving 20-mile an hour gusts. At take off, the jumpers are moving at 80mph on the plastic ski jump track and then land on an artificial grass surface. The combined weight of these two guys was probably still 10lbs shy of Huddle alone!

    – John Potter is all smiles as he runs from the swim finish to the transition area. Maybe it was something he experienced with the “wetsuit strippers” . . . hmmmmmmm.


    Congratulations All Ironman USA Finishers

    Congratulations to everyone who had the courage to toe the line on July 28th. Enjoy the post-race recovery!!

    865 12:52:09 Bergstrom, Evan Hoboken NJ
    197 10:57:22 Borok, Jay New York NY
    106 10:32:58 Caswell, Christopher Toronto ON (eh?)
    115 10:34:46 Coussirat, Dave Flower Mound TX
    440 11:47:25 Fiorini, David Bethel CT
    1126 13:46:27 Fraser, George New York NY
    1562 16:19:37 Gould, Lee North Brunsw NJ
    261 11:13:30 Holmes, Gary Cordova TN
    394 11:41:58 Housaman, Carol Woodbridge VA
    1124 13:46:11 Kinka, Geoffrey Chalfont PA
    1358 14:52:38 Laccetti, Lee Ann West Milford NJ
    367 11:38:09 McLain, June Middetown RI
    1232 14:13:23 Days-Merrill, Carol-Ann Fairhaven MA
    1594 16:39:10 Murphy, Eileen Princeton Jc NJ
    1601 16:41:24 Owen, Douglas Westport ON (eh?)
    936 13:07:26 Schmille, David Coppell TX
    644 12:18:35 Turner, Dave St. Louis MO
    71 10:21:54 Wick, Matt Fort Worth TX
    1090 13:40:16 Wiener, Matthew New York NY
    278 11:18:10 Potter, John L. Allentown PA
    1067 13:37:16 Min, Bryan B. San Diego CA
    847 12:49:53 Larimore, Wendy St. Louis IL
    781 12:40:42 Cinter, Joanne Kailua HI
    543 12:02:11 Culberson, John Houston TX
    56 10:15:14 Darrah, Clark Gladstone NJ
    1077 13:38:34 Gallagher, Patrick Putnam Valle NY
    763 12:38:12 Griffen, Chip Loves Park IL
    49 10:11:37 Hatherly, Jackie Lake Placid NY
    651 12:19:26 Katinsky, A.J. Stockholm NJ
    295 11:20:50 Keil, Eric Wayne NJ
    794 12:41:59 Polden, Howard Bethel CT
    1106 13:42:56 Sherry, Jim Wayne PA
    1608 16:44:05 Smith, Scott Somerset NJ
    816 12:44:58 Wagner, Tom RENTON WA
    167 10:50:39 Werner, Bradford St. Louis MO
    611 12:14:33 Blackman, Scott Clarksville TN
    15 09:43:12 Fuhr, Heather San Diego CA
    843 12:48:43 Gold, Joshua Ossining NY
    556 12:04:54 Myers, Leslie Burlington VT
    124 10:37:42 Rabice, P.J. Lake Placid NY
    303 11:24:14 Borzilleri, Greg Lake Placid NY
    331 11:29:56 Varwig, David L. Chicago IL
    888 12:55:10 Blake, Tom J. Pickering ON (eh?)
    326 11:28:53 Walker, Don Austin TX
    1434 15:19:06 Becker, Jon Azusa CA
    524 11:58:04 Fisher, Ambrose Manhattan Be CA
    74 10:23:18 Di Guiseppe, Louis Brentwood MO

    Has the “I’m never doing one of these again!” feeling worn off yet? Which Ironman are you planning on in 2003? It’s funny how the pain you felt in the last mile of the run fades exponentially with each minute that passes after finishing.