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  • Brain Rhodes is looking ready to race. He gives a flex at the carbo dinner.

    Cal from Ironfuel, Elizabeth Farnan from LA and Mark (Tony Ferria) Wood hanging out at Hog's breath cafe after the underpants run.

    We had a few less participating in the underpants run this year, but more energy then last year.

    Lori Bowden enjoying one of the huge cinnamon buns at the Hog's Breath cafe before the run.

    Hannes from Germany with his van full (inside and on top) of athletes after the carbo dinner.

    Chris and Roch sizing it up prior to a pre-race day workout. Bathing suit of Roch's courtesy of Huddle, straight from Germany.

    I learned NOT to bug Lori prior to her morning coffee!

    See what happens with you get caught shopping in your speedo. Jim had to learn the hard way. Actually, he had a run in with a softball and the ball won


    Week prior events at IM Canada

    A full race story and pics will follow after the race, but here are just few shots of what has been going on in Penticton Canada the days prior to the running of the 20th Ironman Canada. Its gonna be a good one!