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  • Chris Legh getting ready for the swim.

    Graham Fraser, President of IMNA, moments before giving the singnal to fire the cannon for the start of the 20th Ironman Canada.

    Nothing like going for a swim with 2040 other nervous triathletes. Not to worry, NOBODY was peeing in his or hers wetsuits!

    Brian Rhodes was 2nd out of the water and had another great race placing 4th overall and only seconds out of 2nd place.

    Bob Summers was all smiles early on in the bike.

    Chris was on fire! He was his old self again and ready to hammer one out, but his body unfortunately said no. Looks like we gotta cauterize his throat and lungs so that he stops throwing up blood during the run. Don't worry Chris, Huddle has a bitchin set of TV repair tools in his garage and he will fix you up better then new when you get back to San Diego.

    Ryann and Tracey had some treats waiting for Lori at the finish line. Yup, French fires and Snicker bars. Nothing tastes better after an Ironman!

    Elizabeth Farnan and her hubby Josh after the race. E was enjoying the hot tub along with a PR by 32 minutes!

    Shingo Tani after the race. See what happens when you race two Ironman events in 4-weeks and then cap off the night with 6 beer? Congrats Shingo on another top 10 Ironman race!


    20th anniversary Ironman Canada

    Not much to say about the race that you probably have not read online so we will let the pictures do the talking. See you there next year!