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  • The start to a long day of shooting.

    Huddle multi-tasking just like at home in the office. Yes, the Speedo is part of his daily wardrobe.

    No this is not the start to a bad (are there any other types?) porno movie, but a shot of Huddle waking up after a good nights sleep.

    All the locals were being entertained, or disgusted at Lava Java. Not just coffee, but a show to go a long with it!

    See why Hollywood is already breaking down Huddles door?

    Hey guys, is this the cool place to go boogie boarding? Huddle tries to make friends with the locals at Banyan tree, THE place to surf for locals.

    John Duke and his lovely wife Jennifer celebrating their Anniversary.

    Look out, the Canadians are coming! Graham Fraser and his gang from Lake Placid.


    Tuesday in Kona: The making of a classic

    The biggest news on Tuesday was not the rain or postponement of the parade to Wednesday evening, but the call Huddle received late Tuesday night from Hollywood. Yes, The producers from “Jack Ass” have already been in contact with Huddle. They love his Speedo! Not much to say about this, but look out Hollywood! Get ready for the biggest underpants run ever on Thursday morning!