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  • Huddle getting ready

    A little stretch or two

    A little balance practice

    Chris likes to do his own thing quietly before a race

    Chris makes the first move!

    A quick spin and he has huddle in another hold!

    Huddle fights back strong!

    Huddle starts to gain some ground

    Stormin Norman puts the spin move on Penny

    Penny comes back with a spin move of his own!


    Kung fu fighting at Ironman Wisconsin

    I know it is way late, but I felt obligated to let everyone know what really went on behind the scenes at IM Wisconsin last September. Remember Chris Legh was second to Chris Lieto? Well, two days prior to the race Chris “Penny” Legh took on Storming Norman Huddle in a full on Kung fu fight. Enjoy the pictures and I will let you decide who came out the winner. Remember: do as we say and not as we do. That’s goes for all you want to be pro triathletes as to what Chris decided to add into his taper 48 hours before race day.