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  • The Pre-Camp Snow Run

    Group Picture - Looking GOOD!!!

    The dreaded running drills, this group was pretty talented


    Camp Season Starts

    It is that time of year again when camp season is upon us. This is kinda like Christmas or Thanksgiving it just sneaks up on you.

    The staff of Huddle, Paula, Roch and Heather all headed east – to Manassas, VA for the 3rd Annual Weekend Triathlon Camp which took place from Jan 17-19, 2003. We were met in Virginia by our biomechanics specialist Danny Abshire and Slice – the best gopher you could ever ask for. We were based out of the Freedom Fitness and Aquatic Center which for any of you who have had to live through winter, you know how valuable a great facility is. The Freedom Center certainly did not disappoint – and we were given pretty much free reign of the facility.

    You must realize that for us San Diegan’s the thought of going somewhere where the temperature is less than 65 degrees F is a little frightening. Now, Roch and I are a little used to cold weather (although we have become quite soft) but you can only imagine how Paula was feeling in the near zero temperatures. She is from South Africa and has never lived anywhere where the temperature goes below 50 degrees. So of course we had to head out for our pre-camp run in the newly fallen 4 inches of snow and a brisk wind making temperatures very cold with the wind chill. We all survived and were ready to begin the camp.

    This weekend camp consists of a lot of information gathering and a small amount of training. We try and give these people as much information as possible so that they can then go and implement it into their training for the upcoming season. Of course we have to throw in the “bike AT test” just to remind them of what pain is. Swim video analysis by Roch is always invaluable and with the nice sized group we had, everyone got some great one on one attention.

    All in all, the camp was a great success. We left Virginia, having met many great individuals and athletes and knowing that we had a good start to the upcoming Camp season. Off to Club Med Florida next for the 5 day camp taking place Jan 22-26, 2003 –in Port St Lucie Florida.