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    Classroom Time!!!!

    What a nice looking group.

    The National Biathlon Champion - Colleen Cushing

    And the winner is: Joe Fabbri!!!

    Our two youngest athletes - Victor and Fabio from Brazil


    Stop # 2 on the camp tour was a 5 day technical camp taking place in

    We had a great group of 21 campers ready to take on the gang at the 1st Annual Club Med Triathlon Training Camp. The Club Med facilities worked out great and of course the endless buffets were a definite highlight for all. It really is amazing how eating (3) buffet meals a day can start to seem normal. I think we all had to go on a diet after the 5 days.

    The weather for the most part co-operated with chilly mornings and pleasant afternoons. Of course the one day that we wanted to ride in the morning, there were record low temperatures. We didn’t hear many complaints when we switched the schedule to include the “indoor” bike Anaerobic Threshold test on that day rather than heading out in the near freezing temperatures. The truth of the matter was that none of the instructors wanted to head out on their bikes – it wasn’t really a matter of what was best for the campers. (JUST KIDDING!!!!) We of course did make the group hit the pool – watching them all get to and from the change room into the pool was very entertaining. At least the pool was nice and warm – all you could see was the little cap laden heads sticking out of the water. The same could not be said about the freezing waters of the river nearby. Saturday was to be open water swim day. We had been told that the water was a comfortable 67degrees. This sounded really quite pleasant, I was even considering going in without a wetsuit. Well as it turns out we got a little bit of misinformation – the actual temp was closer to 50 degrees. You should have seen the look on Larry’s face when he jumped into the water. We decided that the open water swim was going to be very short!!!!

    For the first time ever, we included on the last day of the camp a pseudo race – initially the biathlon was going to include a 500m swim in the river and then run 5km around the Club Med loop. We needed to make some modifications to the plan with the freezing water. The official decision was that there would be (2) heats and everyone would swim 400yds in the pool and then run the 5km loop. It turned out to be a great event (especially since none of us had to compete).

    We had some late entrants from Brazil, Victor and his brother Fabio (both under the age of 13) and it looked initially like they were going to steal the show. Both went off in the first heat and it was Victor that crossed the finish line first but he then had to wait and see if his time was good enough to hold off the second heat. The pressure was on for the athletes in the 2nd heat – we really wanted a camper to be the winner so we put the whip to Joe Fabbri (coming all the way from Switzerland) and he pulled through with flying colors. Mark Rosenbloom was also able to better Victor’s time and keep up the CAMP reputation.

    For the women it was all Colleen Cushing she swam strong and ran great to hold off a fast charging Emily Abbott. Diane Ebaugh was 3rd overall but very proud to be the first Masters female. Congratulations to all the participants in the biathlon, and of course to all the campers for making the Club Med camp a memorable one. Club Med Biathlon:
    Jan 26, 2003
    400yd Swim/ 5km Run


    Top 3 Male
    1. Joe Fabbri 29:28
    2. Mark Rosenbloom 30:44
    3. Victor Perim 31:13

    Top 3 Female:
    1. Colleen Cushing 31:20
    2. Emily Abbott 32:46
    3. Diane Ebaugh 32:58