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  • Registartion director Shelley taking care of last minte details

    Race director Huddle and Info director Roy Greene working late

    Thank goodness for our volunteers.


    Last minute rush but Registartion and the Expo open smoothly and on time.

    It was the usual last minute rush. But everyone was on hand to get the transition area built, the Expo up and running for the 2003 Ralph's Half Ironman this weekend. Race Director Huddle & Ironman North America President had a final meeting with the 'big brass' at Camp Pendleton - and all looks good to go for the bike course which runs through the military base.

    Co-director Roch Frey, had everyone working to meet the 4.00pm deadline to have registration ready, and the Expo all set up. Jimmy Riccitello, and other members of the IMNA crew did a drive through of the bike course, since he will be on the lead vehicle for the womens race.

    Registration opened with a small rush right at 4.00pm - but when all was said and done only a couple of hundred people came through by closing at 8.00pm. Spencer Smith was the only pro seen registering today (complete with Gucci outfit of course). So with 2000 plus athletes registered, Friday should be pretty framtic.

    The weather is looking to be a cool 40's at the start, warming into the low 60's for race day. Quite a change from the 90 degree plus temps of last weekend.

    Stay posted for a report on a busy day on Friday!