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  • He's going fast in this photo but Eric Larson will be going even FASTER once he's on his Zipp 404's!!!


    Zipp Wheel Sweepstakes . . . And The Winner Is . . . ERIC LARSON

    The winner of the 2003 Zipp Wheel Sweepstakes is Eric Larson of Tucson, Arizona. Huddle loved the fact that someone from his alma mater's home (U of A Wildcats) won and Jimmy Riccitello wants to find out where Eric lives to see if he can stop by and con the winner out of his new wheels for a test ride. Man, what a bunch of gravy trainers! Let the man enjoy his wheels in peace.

    It's nice to have drawn someone so appreciative of these wheels but we're happy this wasn't done on television because we're afraid Eric might have embarrassed himself like one of those screaming, jumping people from The Price is Right. Dude, chill.

    We can understand why he was so excited as he'll soon be riding the fastest wheels on the planet, a pair of Zipp 404's. Eric chose the clincher version and you can check out what he won at:

    Thank you to Zipp and congratulations Eric . . . now go fast!