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    Stepping up to the Cutting Edge of Aerodynamics.

    There is no doubt that the ‘edge’ of aerodynamics is catching on fast in the triathlon and cycling arenas. Access to wind tunnels and really meaningful data is hard to come by and limited. So it is with great excitement that Allied Aerospace in San Diego has approached us to make use of their wind tunnel. Formerly reserved exclusively for testing state of the art aircraft including the F-16, Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, and many Cessna Business Jets the staff of Allied Aerospace have committed in a big way to work alongside Multisports to create the ultimate protocol and equipment specifically for bicycle testing.

    Aerospace Engineers with decades of experience in design and testing will be working with Roch and Paul. A state of the art balance system is being designed and fabricated with load capacities specifically tailored to those expected to be encountered by the cyclists in the wind tunnel. The smallest details of head tilt, elbow width, moving to take a bottle from its cage to drink, are all amongst the factors planned on being investigated, along with the obvious issues relating to set-up and equipment

    This is without doubt the most exciting avenue we will be working during the course of this year. If all goes well during the prototype testing in June, we will be able to setup time blocks for interested athletes by September. Stay posted