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    Ready, Set. Aero.....and then some!

    Well we talked briefly about it a couple of months ago - and now it it built and ready to go online. The greatest minds in aerospace at Alleid Aerospace have built the first one of a kind bicycle testing platform for use in their wind tunnel, located right near the airport in San Diego.

    Jimmy Riccitello and myself loaded up our bikes and headed down to get on/into this first of a kind set-up. After months of talking, back and forth, endless details about what would be the factors required to make this set-up of optimal use to was finally ready. It is hard to describe what it was like in mere words. 'Cool', 'awesome', 'unbelievable', was about all that could be heard between ourselves and the photographer setting up to shoot some promotional pics.

    Unlike any of the other wind tunnels set-ups we are used to seeing, this platform, is raised (eliminating any ground drag). The front wheel stands free, without any supports to throw off drag readings. The pedaling action of the bike is powered solely by the pedal action of the rider (not by a motor). The platform itself rotates whilst riding to bring in cross wind readings.

    Most impressive of all is the information it can truly give. Not just drag readings, but power output at the same time, along with your speed, heart rate and cadence. So any changes can give the 'true' impact on what counts most - ultimate speed. It's no good getting yourself super aero and looking good, if power output and hence speed are sacrificed. There is no doubt that the watts over drag index is going to be the key value. For the first time, in a controlled environment so many relevant factors and their impact on one another can be tested to find the optimal set-up for an individual - rather than simply looking at one general factor (wind drag) and reducing it no matter who you are, and how it may affect your other critical elements.

    We are truly privileged to have been included in this innovation. Stay tuned for more information as our own testing gets under way and information for general use of the tunnel opens up.