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  • Lori and Mike Riely at the pier before a long morning swim.

    George Rohlinger and John Potter are all smiles in the morning. IM Kona Rookies won't be smiling out on the lava feilds race day.

    The hole gang! Heather, Huddle, Paula, Sue, Allie, Lori and Ted (HT).

    Paula getting a little ART work done after her morning swim.

    Tom and Mary looking good as usual and keeping a watchful eye over Dig Me Beach.

    Graham had a warm welcome from our friend Janet Wendle of San Deigo!


    Ironman Race week, Monday October 13th

    Monday, October 13, 2003

    The reality of another Ironman Kona is upon us. All you had to do was show up down at Dig Me Beach for a swim at 7am seeing all the speed clad triathletes and there would be no mistaking them for cruse ship tourists. It is amazing seeing so many athletes in one small area all training together. It would be worth hearing some of the conversations that the 50+ cruse couples have after seeing all the weirdos at the beach!

    Nothing major happened today, but look out tomorrow as the parade takes place at 5pm and shortly after the expo opens. We did have a few key things take place today: Most of us swam the course first thing in the AM. Heather and Lori took a trip out to Hawi for a short ride and to check out the wind. The report was “strong, but nothing out of the ordinary”. Paul did her last acclimation run at High noon on the stickiest day yet. Huddle and I spent the day shopping, having afternoon drinks on his deck and introduced Graham Fraser to some friends of ours from San Diego. That’s all till tomorrow!!!