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  • Lori Relaxing with Jake at her Triathlete/ Xterra photo shoot - love the look!

    At the Phoenix Tri Club meeting with an old time friend Sue Schaeffer.

    Roch and Graham getting ready for a spin in Grahams new BMW.

    The Beach at Camp Wilderness at Disney where the swim start is located for the new Half Ironman in May.

    Yes- this long stretch of beach is what will serve as the transition are for the Disney Half (covered with sport court of course).

    Graham Fraser points out the run exit for the new Disney Half Ironman.....much of which will be on winding tree lined trails.


    The off season is in full swing.

    Xmas is less than 2-weeks away. Since the final race of the season, all has not been quiet and relaxing......instead it is time for catching up, alternate activities and 2004 preparations.

    -Lori Bowden rolled into to town for her Triathlete Magazine cover photo shoot, along with the new Xterra Wetsuit catalog. The straight hair look for the cover was fantastic.
    -Heather has made a firm commitment to spending time on a mountain bike - she has been out finding the gnarliest single track to practice on. The Muddy Buddy, and Xterra experience has her fired up. In her time time, she is in the kitchen pounding out those amazing cookies, we all wait so anxiously to get.
    -Paul and myself did a quick in and out to the Phoenix Triathlon Club for their year end meeting and awards.
    -Paul had to stand in for one of the US Luge guys at the wind tunnel where they were testing some new suits. I am not allowed to publish the photos because I guess the new speedsuits are top secret. I can tell you he was quite a sight in that skin tight outfit.
    -A trip to Clermont by Roch, Paul and myself for the 2003 wrap-up with Ironman North America, and preparations/ ideas/ plans for the 2004 season. This included a trip to Disney to look at the site for the new Half Ironman in May. The site is perfect, with the bike couse going right out the back gate, into open space and the run course mainly on winding trails.
    -Chris Legh is back down in Malaysia competing in the 4-day MSOQ Adventure race (
    -Jimmy, Paul, Roch, Wade and Chris are heading up to headquarters in Valerymo for Dan Empfields Bike Fit certification course.
    -Jimmy is on the last month countdown for baby Riccitello #2.
    -We had to sadly say goodbye to our friend Steve Katai (Mr Degree Everyman Ironman, who has headed back home to the real world in Cleveland).
    -Most importantly, the daily surf ritual.