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  • Multisports Athlete Linda Gallo Named USA Triathlon's Female Amateur

    Linda Gallos' 2003 results are truly impressive considering her WEAKEST races in 2003 were Hawaii Ironman where she was 19th overall female and 1st overall Amateur, and the World Triathlon Championships in New Zealand where she was 5th in 25-29 (first American). Gallo finished in the top two of nearly every race she started last year from sprint to Ironman distance including first overall at the USAT Age Group Nationals in Shreveport, LA.

    For 2004 Gallo has decided to race as an elite and has added getting a coach to help her tap her outstanding athletic potential. She will be focusing mostly on Half Ironman distance races, but she has the ability to still be very competitive at any distance. She is working with coach Michael Collins who specializes in technique improvement and this about Linda's training:

    "It's exciting to work with an athlete with her natural talent, combined with inner drive, and attention to detail. She still works full-time as an engineer for Gore, which I see as both a positive and a negative. On the positive side it keeps her from training too much and thinking about triathlons 24/7, but on the negative side it can add some stress to her life and make getting in all her training and enough recovery a bit tight."

    "Linda is from a swimming background, so she already knows the importance of technique, but also has an extremely strong work ethic from her years in age group and collegiate swimming. She understands that if she is going to be a contender at the pro level she will have to have a complete game and no major weakness. We are just looking for small improvements in each aspect of her training and racing including cycling technique and bike handing skills, running technique, pacing and heart rate management, transition speed, nutrition, core stability and strength specific to the sport, and most importantly, RECOVERY to prevent burnout or injury. We will not be increasing the volume she did last year because she already set a good base training for Ironman. We are just sharpening up the focus on a few "Key Workouts" each week that are very specific to the conditions she will face in races. "

    Look for Gallo's profession debut at the Ralph's CA Half Ironman. With her strong swimming background as an All-American swimmer from Notre Dame (she beat Peter Reid out of the water in Hawaii with a 50:29 split), she should be at or near the front from the gun. We'll just have to see if Heather can run her down :-)