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    Linda Gallow

    SAN JOSE, CA - First year pro and coached athlete, Linda
    Gallo, won the San Jose Internation Traithlon on June 13, 2004. Her time
    of 2:04:34 was more than three minutes ahead of runner up Erin McCarty.

    Linda was first overall out of the water in a smokin' 16:46, even ahead
    of all the male pros including overall winner, Marc Lees of Australia.
    She maintained her lead with the 3rd fastest women's bike split of the
    day and then sealed the deal with the fastest run split of the day.

    Here's Linda's race report:

    I was psyched for this race since it's local (which means I got to sleep
    in my own bed, no extra packing, lots of people I know to mingle with
    after) and because J&A always puts on a great race every year.
    It's an early start at 7:00 AM. Weather was perfect. It was a typical
    sunny day for June in the south bay. Got to transition about 5:30 and
    got everything together. Headed out for a 15 min warmup run around 6:10
    or so and then got into the lake by 6:45 to make sure I got the water
    flowing through my wetsuit and I was ready to go.

    They start the elite wave with the collegiate wave so it was a pretty
    large wave. I lined up right in front next to Ted Simpkins who I know is
    a great swimmer. The collegiates let us elites (about 2 dozen or so)
    line up in front and didn't really contest, so it was a clean start
    without too much bumping. I had a great start. Got on Ted's feet with
    200 yards or so. There were 3 of us together for the majority of the
    swim. The third guy was a collegiate. We swam in a line (I was nicely
    drafting in third) for about the first 2/3 of the swim. Then we all
    spread out going around one bouy and ended up swimming 3 abreast to the
    next turn bouy where we turned to head to shore. The collegiate and I
    swam in next to each other and put about 10 seconds on Ted. I was very
    comfortable throughout the swim. Never felt that I was really pushing
    the pace and never went past aerobic. I came out of the water feeling
    pretty good AND was pretty fired up that I beat ALL the men elites!!!
    Wahoo!! That was pretty cool. Although the announcer didn't know who I
    was and was a bit surprised that I was a woman when he figured it out.

    I was having a really quick transition until I crossed the mount line
    and after hopping on the seat had trouble getting my feet on the top of
    the pedals. Eventually got it without losing too much time and was off
    on the bike course. I headed out right behind the motor bike which was
    pretty sweet! Then I got passed by Ted within the first mile and the
    motor bike took off ahead with him. My goal for this race was to HAMMER
    the bike and note the effect on the run. So I set off in a pretty big
    gear and just focused on turning the pedals over at a good cadence. This
    course is more or less flat except for a hill around mile 14 and a
    couple rollers. Legs burned the first few miles (likely due to the swim,
    transition, etc..) but then I settled into a good groove and held that.

    Last year I was passed by Erin (who won the race last year) about mile 7
    of the bike. I got past that point still feeling good and knew that if I
    stayed ahead of her on the bike I was doing really well. I saw her and
    Holly at the out and back turnaround (mile 10) and had about a minute
    plus on them. Kept going strong and got to the end of the bike still in
    first!! This got me more fired up and gave me a lot of confidence in my
    biking in this race and for future races.

    I had a bit of a rough transition. I swung my leg over my bike to
    dismount and didn't slow down quite enough. I came off running at a pace
    that was a good bit too fast. I stumbled a bit, but managed to stay
    upright. Dropped my bike though in my efforts to keep myself upright. I
    don't think it cost me much, just didn't look very graceful by any
    means.. Put my flats on, grabbed my hat, race number, and Gu's and
    headed out on the run. I attempted to put the Gu's in my jersey pocket
    as I was running and managed to drop both of them. Doh! I wasn't going
    back for them though. I hoped there was Gel on the course, otherwise I
    figured I'd make it. Felt pretty strong running right from the start. I
    got passed by one of the elite men with the first mile and he told me I
    had a minute or so on Erin. Nice. I felt pretty strong the whole run.
    Started to feel a bit tired around mile 4 which I think was due to not
    taking in anything but water since the bike. They were handing out Lava
    Gel on the run which I had never heard of, but at this point I wasn't
    too picky. I grabbed one and carried it for a few minutes before I
    decided it was better to take it than run in on empty. Not bad! I was
    pretty impressed. Went down smooth and without water. Finished the race
    strong holding a steady pace through the 10k.

    The run was accurate this year. It was short last year (How does that
    happen when there is an out and back on the course??). I ran one of my
    better, if not best, triathlon 10k's; AND after going for it on the
    bike. So, overall a great day! A bit sore post race, but well worth it.

    Finished first by a solid 3 minutes! Marc Lees was out here representing
    Zoot and won the men's race. Some great company to be on the podium

    Full Race Results can be found at: