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  • Lori getting miked up for her TV interview.

    Chris Legh and Keith Simmons, heading out for lunch.

    Chris, myself and Sara Legh enjoying a lunch break downtown CDA.

    Monica Caplan doing some media in front of some beautiful lakeshore scenery.


    Ironman CDA getting into gear.

    Well a year had shot by. We are just days away from the second Ironman USA in Coeur d'Alene. So far many of the pro athletes have arrived in town, and by late afternoon the host hotel lobby was a non stop buzz of everyone else checking in, and getting settled. The weather this week has been getting progressively warmer with temperatires today hitting the high 90's....reminicent of last years race day. The forecast calls for a gradual cooling over the next days with an expected high in the 70's come race day. That would certainly be nice......

    With this first warm spell of the summer here by the lake, it seemed as though everyone was out to enjoy the sunshine. The lake front has been CROWDED with folks just out to enjoy their vacation. On the race front, it is all business. The expo tents are going up, fencing starting to be put in place, and all those things that signal that something big is hitting town in a few days.

    On the race side, things are shaping up to be very exciting.For the men, all things point to a show down of Chris vs Chris - Legh vs Lieto that is. Lieto is coming off a very strong performance at the Disney Half lastmonth, and legh had a dominating race at Eagleman Half just 2-weeks ago. For all intents and purposes, Lieto says he is using this event as a training race to prepare himself for the Lake Placid ironman later in July. We will see what happens when the gun goes off though....

    As has been the case in the big races so far this year.....the womens field is really impressive. Lori Bowden is looking very fit after a few weeks of training up in her hometown of Victoria. She will be fending of last years top three women from this event - Heather Gollnick, Lynley Allison and Monica Caplan. Throw into the mix a very fit looking Karen Holloway, Amanda Gillam and Lara Shaw, and I am sure she has her work cut out for her. You would never know though, as in her traditional laid back style, the world champ seems to have it all in perspective, and says she is not expecting to glimpse the front of the race until later in the day. Monica Caplan, who did her first ironman here last year, in her interview today, expressed that she is looking for a nice jump in performance this year, particularly in the marathon. She will be extra motivated by the prescence of her coach Dave Scott, who is here for the event.

    So thats it for Wednesday - stay tuned for the run up to Sunday.