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  • Lori & Amanda Gillam chatting about their race fashions.

    The 2004 events is shaping up to be a Lieto vs Legh showdown.

    Dave 'the man' Scott and Amanda waiting to and do some media features.

    ...filming for a TV feature on Dave as one of the sports top coaches.

    Karen Holloway, ome of the dark horses in this years race checking in.

    Lori & last years second place finisher Lynley Allison, at registration.


    The Heat is still here in CDA.

    The week is going by, and things are getting crowded around town. The finish line area has already been closed to traffic a full 4-days ahead of the event. The weather repaort had called for cooling temps, but by Thursday afternoon it was well into the high 90's. The reports continue to say it will cool off, but we are waiting to see. That was what happened last year........

    The Gatorade swim is now in gear, with the swim course set-up in the mornings, giving the athletes an opportunity to swim the course, before the lake gets busy with boat traffice later in the day. Thursday morning saw some of the Team Ironman athletes holding a swim clinic down at the lake to talk about the finer points of open water swimming. Chris Legh, Lieto, Lori and Amanda, fended questions from a big group of athlete.

    Then it was on to get some of the Tv spots done for the upcoming show covering this event. As with 2003, there will be a 'live' TV show race day. Well as live as an Ironman can be. The ABC affiliates will be airing a half hour show by 6.30pm race a recap of the pro race will be on the tube whilst the event is still running. One of the features will be on Dave Scott, and he move into coaching. Dave is at the event to support a couple of his top pro women....Monica Caplan and Amanda Gillam.

    It was very interesting standing on the other side of the camera from him, grilling him to see if he has at 50 years old really made the mental jump to seeing himself as a coach rather than an athlete. When push comes to shove.....the competitive fires are still burning VERY hot, and he would really love to be out racing. In fact he just placed second in a half ironman event last weekend in a 4.04........who wouldn't love to go 4.04 at any age at any time. My prediction is not to be surpised to see him out at an event at some point in the next year. He has assured us, that there is no Hawaii this year.....he wants to be there to support his athletes, particularly Simon lessing in his first year going to Hawaii.

    Other than that, registration was in full swing, with almost 1000 athletes coming through registration.

    Stay tuned.