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  • Chris Lieto & Amanda at autograph signing.

    Wunderkindt Jason, the man who is behind those fabulous TV productions....getting some of the pre edit work done befor race day.

    Sara Legh & Lori hanging out the day's all decaf!

    What!!!!....Lieto's not racing...."is he afraid of me?"


    Race Day is almost here.....temperatures are cooling but excitement is high.

    Well, the first Ironman of the year in North America is upon us. As promised the weather has cooled and there has even been a bit of rain. Things are expected to warm up somewhat for tomorrow though. It was the usual day before an Ironman.....checking bags and bikes, and those last minute workouts.

    Top pro Andriy Yasterbov, made it to registration with 2 minutes to spare (he has been in town since Monday). Talk about superstition.....he registered at the very last minute in Florida lst year, and had a great day finishing 2nd. He said he wanted to do things just the same here in CDA, hoping for a similar result, even a win.

    The biggest news of the day for the pro's has been the last minute withdrawal of Chris Lieto, with a suspected stress fracture in his hip. Chris DNF'd in the Alcatraz event a few weeks back with pain in his leg. He had hoped things would come around, but have not. So he has decided against starting the event, so as not to jeopardise the rest of his season. He still hopes to make it to the start line in Lake Placid in a month, but will have to wait until the final diagnosis on his injury.

    This news pretty much leaves Chris Legh as the lone favorite in the men's field, with Andriy Yasterbov as the main challenge. However, not one to ever underestimate the challenge of an ironman, Chris (Legh) remains focused on having a strong day out there tomorrow.
    Lori Bowden, I feel remains the favorite although, defending champ Heather Gollnick has been very frank that she feels that Lori is not in top shape and she would gladly take the opportunity to take a win over the defending world champ. Honest words, but ones that may come back to haunt her out on the marathon.

    So, the stage is set for a great race all round. Roch and Paul have been in their usual frenzy preparing the bike and run courses for the 1800 athletes who have checked in. Stay tuned for all the action, and some great coverage on