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  • First meeting down at the local Starbucks.

    Colin and Paula after a run around the local trails.

    The first bike ride!

    Picking up the new Ironman Cannondale's.

    The first swim!


    Our 2004 Degree Everyman Ironman winners tackle their first week.

    After being chosen as the two fortunate winners of the Degree Everyman Ironman competition, Colin and I have finally arrived in Encinitas. We have spent the week getting familiar with our new surroundings and learning about our new lives - everything from settling in our new apartments, navigating SoCal, getting tons of cool equipment, to meeting our new crazy, fun coaches – the triathlon gurus.

    So far we can definitely say…
    · The term “hilly” is based on relativity, as we have been told. The Midwest has nothing on California “hills”.
    · The temperature if perfect for anything and the miles of beaches are magnificent.
    · WE WILL BECOME MORNING PEOPLE!!!! The pain out of the way and enjoy the day!
    · We have awesome bikes! However, our butts hurt!...But we look cool right?!?!

    Bring it on!