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  • Hard to really see from this, but the surf has consistently been in 10-12ft range with bigger expected.

    Getting my wheel fixed...

    Cheju World Cup Soccer stadium - location of T2 and the finish.

    Just a gratuitous tourist shot, some-one insisted on taking...


    In the path of the typhoon - uncertainty reigns.

    Day 3/4 here in Korea and there is a air of uncertainty aout when, and how long the event will be. The second typhoon moving through the area (which seems to change in size and direction all the time) is causing concern. Perhaps being in close proximity to Murphy and other race organisers, I am more aware than others. Nonetheless, i would have to say that it is a 99% done deal that the swim will be cancelled. The resulting surf and currents have made the beaches unswimmable to all. I personally have seen swells and surf well over 8 feet, with surf upwards of 4 meters (around 14 feet) expected by Sunday. The couple of swims I have done, have been limited to the hotel pool.

    The next issue the accompanying winds that come along with the weather. It has been pretty windy since arrival, but today (Friday) has seen a significant increase in winds. Put it this way - I certainly don't envy one trying to ride a disk wheel up on the high road with the cross wind. One idea in the mix is even the possibility of holding the race a day early.....a last resort I am sure, but everything has to be considered. One thing for sure is the safety of the athletes, and the organisers will do whatever they feel is the right thing. Having been on the fringes of many of Graham Frasers's IMNA events last year, with Utah, the Canadian fires, I know what a responsibility it is to try and put on an event under challenging, and non controllable circumstances.

    OK - now back to me. With all this brewing, I am simply getting everything in place to be ready to go at a moment's notice. Yesterday was an easy day, picking up race bag and doing a fair bit of lounging. However not to break my training streak here, I did get in a nice swim the morning, a short bike on the run course and an evening run. I also came to find that the freewheel on my race wheel was loose with the cogs moving around, making shifting difficult (Huddle's fault....he put it on). So the project has been to find some-one to tighten it.

    This morning (Friday) after a SLOW jog with Murphy, I set of to the condo's where a lot of the Japanese athletes stay. They always have great mechanics. A young man took things apart and then told me that I needed a spacer and that he could not fix it. Not deterred, I strolled up to the new Seattle's Best coffee shop, got myself a nice iced Aamericano (I wanted decaf - but they don't do that here), and a cinnabon (yes they have one there to), and called Murphy over at the World Cup Center about 10K away (yes - I have a cell phone to....picked one up at the Seoul has been great). Dragging my coffee and my wheel I hopped in a cab and headed off. The mechanic there quite simply pulled out a chain whip, and instantly fixed the problem. No spacer required.

    So, with my equipment ready go. All I need to do is go back up to Seattle's best and get a double Americano, put it in my fridge - that way any time the call comes, I am just 2 shots away from 'go time'.