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  • Hubert (Austria) , Matt (Australia) tuck in at the carbo dinner.

    Hitting the buffet....

    English pre-race meeting.

    Cailla Patterson at the Seattles best coffee shop.


    Everything rolls forward for race day.

    Saturday afternoon, here in Jungum beach, and plans are rolling ahead for the race as planned for tomorrow. Typhoon Chaba took a sharp right turn yesterday and is heading right for Japan. This is not however abatting the surf conditions, that continue to keep the beaches closed. Early this morning things looked relatively calm, but it is the intermittent big sets of surf that is keeping things shut down. The issue is not the shore break, but that the biggest surf is breaking about 400m out - which would be problematic.

    Last evening the 2004 IM Korea officially kicked pff with the carbo dinner at the spectacular convention center. The usual endless speeches by the dignitaries were limited to video with sub titles. It can get pretty tedious with many speeches being translated into 3 languages (English, Japanese and Korean). It iwas a very upbeat celebration with the expected cultural flair, in the form of of some amazing drumming.

    This morning, dawned nice and calm and clear. I started the day with a short jog to see the conditions of the ocean. Then I hopped on my bike and rode the 10km up to the World Cup Stadium for the official meeting. In just one hour the winds had really picked up. At the meeting Murphy outlined all the contingency plans from total race cancellation to shortened courses, to just a cancelled swim. I would have to say that the odds right now are for a full distance bike/ run. However we are expected to show up race morning ready to go - wetsuit and all.

    After the meeting, we flew home (tailwind) the 10km, and I stopped by the bike mechanic to get my shifting, which was acting up, dialed in. Turns out, since I had just put aerobars on my bike a little over a week ago, cables had gotten stretched out. My friendly Japanese mechanic did the most solid job of getting everything squared away, tightening all the bolts, oiling the chain, fixing the shifting. Then it was time to stop by Seattles Best coffee and pick up my double americano to put in the fridge for the morning. I ran into a few folks including Canadian pro Cailla Patterson, and chit chatted for a while.

    Back at the hotel - it was time to get fully organised. Bottles are mixed and in the fridge, morning stuff laid out. Bike, along with bike and run gear bags have been handed in. A nice stroll back to the hotel, checking out the 2-3 surfers out as the only people gaining benefit from the weather, in what I know is absolutely epic surf - Roch and Paul would be salivating if they were here. Time to get some dinner, and things are set to go. Everyone seems very upbeat, and there have not been any complaints regarding the situation.

    Stay tuned to for the event, where Nick Munting will be giving the blow by blow as to what transpires.