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  • Hurricane Ivan heading straight for the Panhandle.

    Florida Camp cancelled!

    Tuesday September 14th:
    As Paul and I remain in Madison, Wisconsin, finishing up some work from the Ironman this past weekend, our attention has been focussed on Hurricane Ivan as it rumbles into the Gulf. This morning we have had to cancel our upcoming camp in Panama City Beach. Calls from the Boardwalk Beach Resort confirmed what we already knew. Residents are being advised to evacuate, and the airports up and down the coast are getting ready to close this evening. The hope right now is that the force of the storm diminishes enough to keep damage to a minimum. Never mind our camp - race organisers for the IM event in November are already considering options should the damage to the area be severe. We want to thank all our camp participants for their understanding, and are keeping our fingers crossed for those of you in the area who are having to evacuate.

    Back here here in Madison, a few notes from the race this past weekend. As it has been over the past couple of years, the weather has called for mild conditions, only to blindside athletes with stifling heat come race day. I think we now know that 70 degrees in Madison actually means closer to 90. So here's hoping for a 50 degree day next year.

    Roch and Paul spontaneously put together the first ever Underpants run here the Friday evening after the carbo dinner. They heard a very heart wrenching story from one of the athletes whose son had recently been paralysed in an accident - so decided to have a run to raise money for his rehab. They had Mike Reilly announce the run at the carbo dinner, and much to our surprise, about 50 athletes came directly over to State Street and disrobed to be a part of this. After reciting the oath, the crew ran down the center on State Street on a Friday night at 8.00pm (the road is closed to traffic, and filled with crowds dining at restaurants outdoors) stopping to flex and do the trademark calisthenics for the stunned diners. Both Roch and Paul have utmost confidence that the Madison Underpants run will most likely be the biggest come next year, with it included in the official schedule of events.

    The other event of note here in Madison, was the announcement at the carbo dinner, that Greg Welch will be the next inductee into the Ironman Hall of Fame. Greg who was in town working for Ironmanlive, was taken completely by surprise. I know we cannot wait for his official acceptance speech come Hawaii next month. Congratualtions Plucky!