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  • Heather and her brother Greg - getting some snow running in

    The ever increasing Tuesday morning run group

    The boys after Speed golf - Chuck, Roch, Pete and Bob - with Huddle taking the pic

    Roch's knee surgery - day #1

    Post surgery - Roch getting work done with his buddy Cleatus


    Behind the Scenes of

    Happy New Year!!!

    Now that the year 2005 is upon us, it seems like it is time to give you all a little update as to what is going on behind the scenes of

    Roch and Huddle are of course keeping extremely busy with being the race directors for the California Half Ironman on March 19, 2005, and Ironman Arizona on April 9th, 2005. Huddle just spent the last week in Tempe getting the course finalized for the Ironman, and all looks good. Huddle is also getting himself in pretty good running shape – we can all vouch for this. Huddle is the ring leader of the Tuesday Run group that we have started. We all spend the early morning hours of Tuesdays, chasing Huddle up and down hill and dale in the trails of Rancho and Olivenhein.

    Roch was to accompany Huddle to Tempe, but just last week (Jan 6th) he had knee surgery replacing his damaged ACL with part of his patella tendon. The surgery was performed by the very skillful surgeon Roger Freeman, and Roch is on the way to recovery. In just one week, he has gone from being flat on his back on pain killers, to walking without crutches, and getting into physiotherapy. He hopes to be riding a bike soon as well.

    Paula is busy keeping the company running smoothly – it is a hard job trying to keep the motley crew in line. Paula also works as the professional athlete liaison with Ironman North America. It is not an easy thing to deal with the demands of the professional athletes but Paula has a unique perspective and does a great job. She also keeps herself in a decent level of fitness because you never know when the opportunity to slide into an Ironman and try for win #25 might present itself. The great thing is that by keeping in decent shape within about 4-5 weeks, she can be in Ironman shape – gotta love that. That is what you call muscle memory – the many years of intense training are still ingrained in her system, and she can call on this to get herself into “fighting shape” in a relatively short period of time. Coach Michael Collins reports that he has gotten the year off to a great start by starting his own local training program in Orange County CA called Multisports OC. The goal of the program is to offer the highest level of in-person technique instruction and training for swimming, cycling, and running at a reasonable price. The program will help people improve and enjoy the process of training to reach personal excellence in competition. The club's motto is "Practice with Purpose". Emphasis is placed on learning to do each sport correctly before training harder to ensure injury free participation and longevity in sports. Once good mechanics has been established, the focus changes to heart rate management, pacing, and sound training cycle principles to continue to help athletes get faster. If you live in that area and would like to get more info visit

    Our little Kangaroo from down under – Greg Welch is back in California after spending a month or so in Australia with the family catching up with Aussie friends and family. It is great to see Greg’s health stable and look for him to become more involved in coaching and camps. Greg also works very closely with the World Triathlon Corporation as a consultant. His perspective as a former racer is a welcome addition to the organization. Coach Wade Blomgren reports that he is off the couch and has cut his donut consumption in half but is rapidly running out of time to fake his way into shape for the Catalina Marathon. For motivation he’s added Breaking Away and Chariots of Fire to his NetFlix queue, along with Caddyshack, all of which he will watch while riding the rollers or doing crunches on the swiss ball. He would also like to send a shout out to client Michelle Staffon who qualified for Boston!

    Jimmy Riccitello our little Italian Stallion keeps himself very busy being Mr. Mom, coaching several athletes and running a swim program at the JCC in Tucson. Look for Jimmy at several of the camps during the year, where he is bound to tell some interesting stories and where you can pick his brain, tapping into his vast knowledge of cycling and triathon. Jimmy is also helping to get his wife Tracey ready for her first Ironman in Arizona in April.

    I guess that just leaves us with one – Heather Fuhr. After heading back up to Canada, for Christmas, she is slowly getting back into training. Hopefully she can round herself into shape for the first race of the season – the California Half Ironman, here in Oceanside on March 19, 2005. Heather is also taking part in a Triathlon Documentary – over the period of a year, several athletes including Peter Reid, Luke Bell, and Heather will be followed around during racing, training and everyday life, showing what it takes to race as a professional – the documentary will continue until the Ironman Hawaii in October 2005. Look for more news on this and heather’s activities on

    Heather and Huddle will be heading to Port St Lucie, Florida this coming week where the first camp of the year – the Club Med Winter Training Camp will take place on Jan 19-23rd. Look for future reports from this camp and others throughout the year.