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    2005 Club Med Winter Camp Report

    The 2005 season kicks off with at stop in Port St. Lucie, Florida for the Club Med Winter Camp. A very intimate group of 10 brave souls headed south to hang out with Huddle and Heather, Slice and Gary (from the local bike shop ProCycles) , and hopefully learn some stuff along the way.

    One of the great (or maybe not so great for the waistline) aspects of the camp is the endless buffets – breakfast, lunch and dinner, so we have aptly renamed the camp the “CLUB-FED Winter Camp”. Every year we can’t wait to tie into the freshly baked bread of numerous varieties including the deadly chocolate or white chocolate, and of course cheese bread. The French are know for their bread and they certainly didn’t disappoint. I think that we have all had to go through withdrawal since leaving.

    While the group was lean on numbers, we certainly weren’t lacking any character in the group. Here is a cross section.

    -We had super alumni like:
    -UBER camper Larry Guerin (Mr Boston Red Sox himself)
    -Marje Pedersen (who finally informed us after attending upwards of 10 camps with us that her name is not pronounce MARJIE),
    -Marsha Vaile – who is coming back strong after some run ins with trucks/cars

    -Some youngsters:
    -the MIT student and young tennis star – (who I might say, quickly put the wood to the dynamic duo of Huddle and Slice on the tennis court)
    -our little lucky charm from Ireland – Julia. Gotta love that accent!!!

    -Some relative new-comers to the sport:
    -Jim – who came sans bike and by the second day had purchased a new awesome looking tri-bike from Gary at ProCycles. He was like a kid in a candy store; you couldn’t get the smile off his face.
    -Mike – the comedian of the group who is going to jump into some long-course racing this year – he had so much fun he is coming to San Diego in a week to participate in the San Diego Camp

    -Mr Night-life himself – Derrick who was let’s just say took full advantage of all that the Club had to offer.

    -And what would the group be without two “hammers” (OK I had to call them something!!!)
    -Judyann –a tiny little thing from Colorado that was able to drop anyone if she took a notion
    -Peter – relatively quiet but let his abilities speak for themself.

    Anyway, it was a great camp with wonderful people, good weather; hopefully setting the stage for another year of Camps.