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  • Lori, Donna, Michellie & Heather - camping doesn't get much better.

    Front row in the classroom - all smiles on the first night.

    Plucky, Wade & Slice - the guys are holding their own.

    Intro's kick off the evening - these guys will soon be firm friends.


    San Diego Camp gets off to a sunny start.

    Bike set-up, video taping, plenty of running trails, and beautiful outdoor sunny riding and swimming. There is no doubt we have been blessed with the weather for our San Diego 'winter' camp. Whilst the folks in Boston are digging out, athletes from all over the country have been getting a dose of why there is such a housing shortage in Southern California.

    The first full day of activities included a bit of everything. Some basic bike skills instruction for some, and a great Tour de North County for others - many of whom have not been able to ride outdoors since the fall. On the pool deck, it was Roch at his best with some swim instruction, along with Plucky making sure he inserted some of his trademark humor into everyones swim video. Everyone will go home and be able to review their swimming introduced with Greg's special nickname created for them.

    A late afternoon run along the beach, with a newly arrived guest to the hotel - Steve Jones (former world marathon record holder). Throw in a couple of lectures, video analysis, trips to the bike store, the massage center and plenty of interaction - all before dinner. There is no doubt everyone will be sleeping well tonite, and I think the morning brew may just be a little stronger as they all ready up to another sunny San Diego day, and another, and another......!