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  • On the track, it was the women who proved to have the speed.

    Plucky and Roch were doing their 'coaching' thing from the sidelines.

    Back in the pack, we were having a much more social time.

    What a great looking group.

    The Endurance Awards was time to catch-up with friends, and show a different look.


    San Diedo Camp wraps up - on to AZ

    One thing about San Diego is that in most cases, you can be assured of consistent weather. Not so this winter as we have had a fair amount of rain. As the San Diego camp closed out last weekend, and we sit here in cool rainy weather this weekend, we know that the weather gods were looking out for us. Our athletes from all over the country spent their spare time between lectures and workouts scanning the real estate pages on the newspapers, with dreams of moving to this ideal community where the sun shines all year round. Just as well they didn't stay a few days longer.

    It was a marvelous 4-days of warmth and frienships. Athletes got the opportunity to attend a premiere of thefilm 'Emmanuels Gift'- the moving story of a young boy from Ghana whose determination has raised the awareness and mentality of a whole country, along with the support of the Challenged Athletes Foundation here in San Diego. The film was made by legendary Ironman producer Lisa Lax and has won acclaim at prestigious film festivals.

    Over the course of a couple of days, athletes got to put in a solid 5-6 hours of riding (for many their first trip outdoors), swim in an outdoor heated pool, and run the trails of North County, and at the track up at the beautiful UCSD facility, which is home to the San Diego Chargers as well.....not that I have ever seen any one of them actually running around the track or field for that matter. Throw in an anaerobic Threshold test, relaxation and stretching classes, and what more is there to do really.

    Well the bonus of the weekend is attending the 2004 Endurance Awards evening held at Sea World. Here athletes had the opportunity to dress up and mingle with the best the multisports world has to offer. Deena Kastor, Meb Kheflezghi, Bob Roll, Natascha Badman, Lisa Bentley, Mark Allen, Dave Scott, Julie Moss, Wingnut.......the evening, though a little long, was a wonderful way to catch-up and see so many athletes, event producers, sponsors and friends. It is an affirmation that we are all part of a wonderful community, with a shared passion for what we do.

    The San Diego camp came to a close on Sunday morning after a wonderful run up the beach in Del Mar. Monday brought the one day option of wind tunnel testing for those who who had chosen. A few campers along with a crew of Canadian pro's (Tom Evans, Jasper Blake, Natascha Filiol), spent the day refining and and maximising their positions for the upcoming season.

    Up next, our inaugral IM Camp in Tempe AZ from Feb 25-27. This new IM event has produced a sold out camp, and we have rallied a great staff once again for a weekend all about IM. Roch, Paul, Heather, myself, Jimmy Riccitello, Chris Lieto, Karen Holloway, Wade Blomgren and othjers will be on hand to ride and run athletes over the newest IM course.

    Stay Tuned.