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  • Mike Dannelley and Roch at Bow Lake, just north of Lake Louise Alberta

    Is it a Wolf, Bear or Marmot? Just one of several animals displayed at the Num-Ti-Jah Lodge just north of Lake Louise where Mike and Roch spent the second night of their 4 day ride through the Rockies.

    Just a few of the Ladies at the Ironman Canada Underpants run.

    Not one, but two dogs took part in the underpants run this year!

    Brian Mcdonald at IM Canada. He was the new guy working the course this year. He was awake at this point in the evening, but the long day hit him hard after the 11pm code 6.

    Heather and Roch watching Jeff Gordon's car go through the final inspection.

    Heather and Jeff Gordon. She was a true fan and had Jeff sign her Triathlete Magazine.

    Heather before the start of the race standing on the front straight grass.

    Heather in the pits during the race.

    Greg Welch showing what he thought of Mark Martin's #6 Viagra car!


    Banff bike trip, Ironman Canada and Heather at Nascar

    The month of August started with Roch and Mike Dannelley riding from Calgary Alberta, through Banff and finishing at Jasper. It was on the way to Ironman Canada so why not ride 430 miles in 4 days? Great way to get fit, lose weight and see some of the most amazing scenery in all of North America.

    From there Roch went straight to Penticton British Columbia, home of Ironman Canada. Over 2200 athletes started the race making it the largest Ironman mass start in North America. The biggest news of the week was the Underpants run. The Canucks know what’s important race week and the Underpants run is it! Close to 200 people, and 2 dogs, show up to raise awareness of the nasty tighty whities and raise money for Kids of Steel Triathlon events.

    Last stop was at the Sony HD 500 Nascar race in Ontario California. Heather, Roch and Greg made the short 90min trip north from San Diego. NBC will be featuring Heather during the IM Hawaii TV show this November and when they found out that she was a HUGE Jeff Gordon fan they set up a "meet and greet" with the man himself. Heather did admit that she was nervous during their meeting, but managed to keep her composure through it all.

    September will be a busy month as well. Huddle and Newby are at Ironman Wisconsin and then straight to Panama City Beach for the Florida training camp. Look for a story on their trip next week.