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  • Defending Champ - Norman S appears ready to go....

    Here's why he feels so GOOD

    Katja Schumacher has been a bit more sensible with her eating habits.

    Sarah R is all smiles and feeling ready to get it done this year.

    Sian Welch has LOVED her return to Ironman training with support from hubby Greg.

    Heather and MJ two of the big names in the womens field.

    WTC staff Joanna, Dan and Ben are already on the Big Island getting things smoothed out and ready for the big show.


    Kona 2005 - Let the Show Begin.

    Wednesday October 5th:
    Well the buzz for the Ironman World Championships is building. The Multisports Team has started heading over to the Big Island to get things started. This morning Huddle was up bright and early to act as shuttle service to some. Heather, Roch, Belinda and Justin Granger (the Grungy's as we call them) all piled into the truck and are on the 6.30am flight outta SD, and will be hitting the lava by lunch time today.
    Along with them is defending Champ Norman Stadler who has been a house guest for the past 3-4 weeks. He is mostly excited to see his girlfriend Sarah whom he has not seen in 5-weeks. She is coming direct from Germany tomorrow. He also knows to wear his lucky San Diego Padres shirt on Thursday to get things turned around for the Friars.
    Michellie Jones and husband Pete are also crammed onto that commuter flight (hope there was enough room for all the bikes) to LA. It is MJ's first Hawaii and she is ready to get on with the show.
    Sarah Reinertsen who has been working with Huddle in her preparations seems fit and ready to put the demons of last year behind her, and get through the bike course no matter how windy or hot.
    Katja Schumacher is hanging in San Diego a few more days before she takes off on Friday. She is ecstatic to be back racing in Hawaii after a tumultuous year.
    Sian Welch will be back racing as an age-grouper. Sian has juggled her work and two very spunky young girls (Emma and Annie) to get herself into rockin form. She just won the Mission Bay Triathlon overall this past weekend. She will be heading to the Big Island after the weekend - there are school photo's and activities not to be missed before she leaves. Hubby Greg (watch him on will be on Island on Friday. Prep work (and of course a few rounds of golf) get started early on Monday morning. Greg who has been working with another of the women's favorites Kate Major says she is ready to go and, she is already getting settled in Kona.
    Huddle and myself will be on our way on Saturday. We are staying close to San Diego a few extra days to give the Padres some much neede good energy.
    We will be trying to post regular photos and all those 'inside' bits and pieces of info as the days tick by.
    Fasten your seat belts, screw on your wigs tight - it is going to be quite a FIESTA.