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  • Belinda, Norman and Heather at the Pier first thing in the morning for a swim.

    Michellie with Husband Pete and San Diego Local Paublo. Morning swim is done and on to breakfast!

    Mike "Beef Cake" Dannelley at pier after his morning swim. Cut another 10 lbs and he will be ready for Ironman!!!

    Heather taking a tour of the Wearhouse with the man Steve who makes sure supplies are all ready for race day.

    Roch and Tom Z, one of the announcers on race day but more important, Mr. Gatorade. Look for Tom at the Gatorade Booth by the pier in the mornings.

    Speedo sighting #1 at the pier this morning.

    Speedo sighting #2 at the pier, or is it Huddle and Paula on their honeymoon?


    Kona 2005- 10 days and counting!!!

    It was a first this year; we searched, but no Speedos were spotted yesterday when we first arrived in Kona. Every year since we can remember we have seen at least one Speedo out on the Queen K going for an early afternoon ride as we drive from the airport into town. At first we were shocked, but then, we patted our selves on the back. The underpants run has finally gotten through. Tri-geeks were actually listening to us. We knew they were always laughing at us and not with us, but for the first time we thought we were doing our job. This feeling of pride lasted a very short time. Immediately following the swim this morning we had two very significant Speedo sightings. We were a little depressed at first but to be honest, something just didnít feel right yesterday. After the sighting we all felt a wave of comfort come over us- we were home again, its Ironman time in Kona!!!

    Stay tuned all week for daily updated pictures and stories from the big Island.